Drama - M6 - 1 season - 52 min

It’s a horrific crime scene! A couple and their baby are found savagely murdered in their living room. The bodies are covered in blood, but bear no wounds. The couple’s 7-year-old daughter, Madeleine, is miraculously unhurt. But the traumatized girl has lost her memory and can’t utter a single word. Why was she left unscathed? There’s another troubling question: the doors of the house were locked from the inside, and there’s no sign of a break-in. Captain Belgrade takes over the case and brings in Marie Kempf, a psychiatrist who lost her own daughter, Lila, several years earlier. Belgrade investigated that case too, ruling it a suicide. Reluctant at first, Marie agrees to help on the condition that Belgrade reopen her daughter’s case, which she refuses to believe was a suicide. They strike a deal and Marie takes Madeleine to her house to treat her, hoping to get the little girl to start talking and rekindle her memory!

Produced by

Sarah Aknine, Arnaud FIGARET

Directed by

Pierre Aknine


Sami Bouajila, Marie Gillain