Putain de nanas

Documentary series - France TV Slash - 1 season - 11 min

Laura, 26, brutal, hypersensitive, brilliant

Alex, 30, intense, uncompromising, faithful

Michelle, 24, combative, hedonistic, inspiring

Yanna, 28, cerebral, brave, obsessive

Meet the “putain de nanas” – which translates roughly as badass women – a group of extraordinary women who take us on a journey that is intimate and physical, a fly-on-the-wall look at the life of their rugby team and their day-to-day battles. Not only do they form one of the best teams in France, but they live their crazy lives with a rare intensity. Their nickname is more than just an expression, it symbolises that unique special ingredient that makes them tick.

Produced by

Manuel Herrero

Directed by

Benjamin Montel, Antonin Boutinard Rouelle