Comedy - OCS - 1 season - 26 min

The year 2026 brings a radical change to France: everyone in the peaceful, newly calmed country is required to live nude. The tightly-enforced “Transparency Law” guarantees that everyone follows along. But tensions are kindled when the law’s creator Jean Lanvin is found murdered… fully dressed. The homicide investigation is put in the hands of Lucie, an up-and-coming young detective. She works the case with her former partner Franck, who has recently woken up from an 8-year coma that he fell into… back when everyone still wore clothes.

Produced by

Arnaud Figaret

Directed by

Olivier Fox


Satya DUSAUGEY, Malya ROMAN, Brigitte FAURE, Vincent SOLIGNAC, Alexandre PHILIP, Joséphine DRAÏ, Valérie DECOBERT, Alain BOUZIGUES, Anne-Elisabeth BLATEAU, Philippe VIEUX, Rodolphe SAND, Bruno PAVIOT