Let’s keep it between us

Medical show - France 2 - 180 min

This season, Michel Cymes has decided to open up his practice to some of the prominent personalities of the day. With help from comedian Nicole Ferroni, France’s most popular doctor will treat his illustrious patients in televised consultations that teem with mischief, humor and surprises! What gets their hearts pounding, or makes them hot under the collar? What… or who!… gets on their nerves? What is happening in the world these days that makes them feel sick? Thanks to Dr. Cymes’s great expertise and savvy advice, you’ll find out surprising new things about his famous patients as well as your own health. With its soul-baring interviews, carefully dissected portraits and battery of rather unconventional tests, this one-of-a-kind medical talk show will give you a strong dose of secrets while making you laugh out loud!


Michel Cymes, Nicole Ferroni