On February 11, the 24th Lauriers de l’Audiovisuel ceremony presented the laurier International Reporter to director Kamal Redouani for his documentary “Daech, dans le cerveau du monstre”.
Broadcast on France 5 on September 18th, this documentary was a real audience success, with 1,047,000 viewers (4.7% audience share among children aged 4 and over).
The documentary was also screened in preview at the Montreal World Film Festival.
This creation has visibility in 8 international territories (Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Middle East, Luxembourg, Norway).

In Libya, in the ruins of the house of an Emir of the Islamic State, a young fighter discovers a computer. The hard disk contains thousands of confidential computer files. All of them under the seal of the terrorist organization. The young combatant decided to give a copy of the hard disk to Kamal Redouani, a great reporter and Middle East specialist who has been travelling around Libya since the Arab revolutions and in whom he has confidence. After a meticulous analysis and verification of these unpublished documents, several stays in Libya and eighteen months of production in the greatest discretion, the documentary is ready. For the first time, he tells us, from the inside, how Daech works. His meticulous brutality, his dictatorial organization. It also helps to understand how and why this terrorist movement is constantly rising from the ashes.
An edifying dive into the monster’s brain.

A movie of Kamal Redouani
Produced by Philippe Levasseur and Amandine Chambelland
With the participation of France Télévisions