The Albert Londres 2020 Awards ceremony on December 5th distinguished for the Audiovisual Prize the work of the directors of the documentary “Big Brother : a world under surveillance”.

The film, written and directed by Sylvain Louvet, co-directed by Ludovic Gaillard and produced by Jean-Marie Michel, depicts a world ruled by great powers who, under the guise of fighting terrorism or crime, arm themselves with cameras and the latest surveillance technologies. Christophe Astruc’s images expose a reality in which every citizen can be permanently spied upon, particularly in China where the Uyghur community is subject to fierce surveillance and a fierce re-education campaign.

The film will be broadcast on December 18 in Taiwan by the public channel PTS, after having been shown in Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Norway and Japan.

In France, after being screened at the closing of FIGRA 2020, the documentary was broadcast on April 21 on ARTE. In the midst of the debate surrounding the launch of the StopCovid application and the fears of surveillance, the film was seen by nearly 1.9 million people (broadcast and replay combined).

Sylvain Louvet: “I am very honored to receive this distinction and to be part of this beautiful family of winners of the Albert Londres Prize. And I am sincerely moved that it is within the CAPA agency where I started as a trainee 14 years ago. This award is the crowning glory of two and a half years of work by a formidable team, in particular Ludovic Gaillard who edited and co-directed the film, and Christophe Astruc who magnificently put it into images. And of course the CAPA and ARTE France teams who accompanied us through all the stages of the making and the life of this film which is particularly resonant at the moment”.

Its producer Jean-Marie Michel emphasizes that “from the Chinese concentration camps to the debate on civil liberties in our democracies, our investigation on the dangers of liberticidal digital surveillance concerns us all. »

This is the fourth time that CAPA (NEWEN) has accompanied journalists to this award, a record for a production company. This year, out of five documentaries shortlisted, two were produced by CAPA, another record. Director Alexandra Jousset was also shortlisted for her investigation “AFGHANISTAN, PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE”, also produced by CAPA and ARTE.

CAPA warmly congratulates Sylvain, Ludovic and Jean-Marie, and would like to thank all the actors of this adventure, especially within ARTE Bruno Patino, as well as Fabrice Puchault and Rachel Adoul from the Documentary Unit, and also the team of Newen Connect for the distribution of the documentary abroad.