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NEWEN is a major player in audiovisual production and distribution in France, present in fiction, magazine shows, light entertainment and animation.



At this year’s edition of the international MIPTV television market, ZONE3, television production industry leaders in Canada with over 850 hours of yearly production, and the NEWEN group, announced their partnership as part of the NEWEN NETWORK, the global network of independent producers aimed at format exchange.

NEWEN NETWORK represents an opportunity for local and international growth, in both entertainment and fiction programming for its members. The network enables partners to sell their formats internationally as well as acquire programs for their domestic markets. Members are also encouraged to develop programs jointly and undertake international coproduction of series.
A network for the exchange of formats – entertainment, new formats, lifestyle, games, etc. – NEWEN NETWORK invites one leading producer per country to join. The network now includes a new player, ZONE3 representing Canada. Besides NEWEN, the leading independent producer in France, ZONE3 also joins GLOBOMEDIA, Spain’s leading independent television producer, TÉVÉ MEDIA GROUP, one of Holland and Belgium’s major independent audiovisual groups and BAVARIA FILM, one of Germany’s leaders in audiovisual production.

For more information, the official press release: Press Release Newen – Zone3


Newen Network

(run by Laetitia CelebrityPoleDancing_texte1Recayte) and (run by Géraldine Gonard) distribute together, the most recent creation by Dutch production company.

All part of the NEWEN NETWORK – a European format exchange network created in May 2011 by French independent production group NEWEN -, these 3 companies will celebrate the launch of this brand new show in October 12th at MIPCOM in Cannes.

Produced for RTL5 in Holland (5×90′), CELEBRITY POLE DANCING is a prime-time entertainment TV show, with athletic performances and dancing. Successfully launched on September 14th, the show doubled the channel’s rating in its time slot and achieved more than 10% share in the 20-35 year old target!

The concept is as follows …
12 celebrities aged 20 to 35. Men, women, actors, sportsmen, tv hosts… They are all new to pole dance, but they will compete to be the best pole dancer! Every day and for several weeks, the contestants will practice for their performance on set. Celebrities will improve thanks to professional coaches. 3 high-level pole dance experts and choreographers will judge their performances, and the host will guide the viewers through the show. Only one of them will be the best Pole Dancer!


Newest NEWEN NETWORK meeting for MIPCOM 2013

As has now become the custom, the members of Newen Network and their development & sales teams held their second annual meeting in Cannes at the beginning of October just before the start of MIPCOM.

It was an opportunity for all 4 members, GLOBOMEDIA, TEVE MEDIA GROUP, BAVARIA FILM GROUP and NEWEN, to pitch before the market their newest formats destined for upload on the members-only platform, www.newennetwork.com.


Amongst the formats presented: “Big Beauty“, a reality competition format imagined by NEWEN on a beauty contest to find the next plus size supermodel; “Science Buzz“, a short edutainment successful broadcasted format  on nature, science and the steps needed to take to protect our environment produced by First Entertainment (BAVARIA FILM GROUP); “Max in Rio“, a just commissioned immersion format that shows viewers all that makes Rio ticks ahead of the World Cup and Summer Olympics in the upcoming years by TEVE MEDIA GROUP and finally, “Castle Trial“, a reality adventure competition format produced by GLOBOMEDIA that sees two teams of competitors battle it out in a journey amongst Spanish castles.

First 4-member Newen Network meeting in Cannes

During MIPTV 2012, which took place in Cannes at the beginning of April, Newen Network held its first 4-member meeting, followed by a cocktail buffet under the sign of conviviality.

Indeed, following the entry of GLOBOMEDIA within the network in June 2011, two new members took this opportunity to officially join the network:  TEVE MEDIA GROUP, a production group covering the Netherlands & Flemish-speaking Belgium, and BAVARIA FILM GROUP, one of the biggest German television producers. This meeting made it first of all possible for all the teams to meet and get to know each other better. Each member then had the opportunity to present his local market and pitch in advance the formats uploaded on the members-only platform of the network, www.newennetwork.com.

Amongst the formats presented: “Motherly yours”, produced by Néria (NEWEN), “5X5”, a daily game show pitched by GLOBOMEDIA, “Celebrity Love Match”, a celebrity dating format imagined by TEVE MEDIA GROUP and “Nature’s best Inventions”, a primetime science game show produced by First Entertainment (BAVARIA FILM GROUP).

A few pictures of the event ….

ReunionNewenNetwork_texte ReunionNewenNetwork_texte2

Globomedia joins Newen Network


Newen and Globomedia, respectively first independent TV producers in France and Spain seal their partnership in Newen Network, the new European Network of formats exchanges.

Launched by Newen, Newen Network seeks to offer to each of its partners an exclusive access to the best TV formats. It is conceived as an open network that will join in major independent players of TV production in Europe. For each of its members, Newen Network represents an attractive opportunity of local and International growth: it will allow them to sell their formats outside their frontiers and to acquire the best programs for their national market.

Newen is the first French independent TV producer. Founded by Fabrice Larue it gathers Telfrance, Be Aware and Capa around key values: Creativity, Independence and Diversity.

Grupo Globomedia, affiliate to the Imagina group, is the first TV producer in Spain. It is a major player in the field of Fictions and Entertainment. The Imagina group gathers more than 3 500 professionals who cover all genres in the media field: series, fictions, entertainment, movies, documentaries, news and current affairs and sports rights. It is also the main shareholder of la Sexta, one of the main Spanish TV channels.

Newen Network is intended to gather 7 to 8 of the major independent producers in Europe. Newen Network will offer real new opportunities for its members : opportunity to grow by selling their formats internationally, and opportunity to grow locally by the exclusive acquisition, inside the Network, of innovative formats, co-development of original formats by several partners, and finally co–production of entertainment formats or international fictions.

For Fabrice Larue and Tanguy De Franclieu , respectively CEO and Managing Director –International for Newen
: “Our agreement with Globomedia marks a further step in Newen’s development Internationally. With Newen Network, the partners share access to each other’s best formats. These preferential agreements also allow multiple opportunities internationally. We welcome this partnership with Imagina group, the first TV producer in Spain. This agreement will allow us to always better answer- in terms of successful formats- to Broadcasters in France and Europe”.

GlobomediaFor Daniel Ecijas and Jose Huertas Le Douarec, respectively CEO of Grupo Globomedia and Managing director of Imagina International Sales: “In an extremely competitive international market, this alliance with a major French production group will help us strengthen our position as one of the main International formats producer and distributor. Newen is a talent driven group , its creations are very successful on French Television. We are very happy to be part of this Network, through which we will be able to exchange our expertise and export more easily our formats to the broadcasters in Europe”.