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NEWEN is a major player in audiovisual production and distribution in France, present in fiction, magazine shows, light entertainment and animation.



At this year’s edition of the international MIPTV television market, ZONE3, television production industry leaders in Canada with over 850 hours of yearly production, and the NEWEN group, announced their partnership as part of the NEWEN NETWORK, the global network of independent producers aimed at format exchange.

NEWEN NETWORK represents an opportunity for local and international growth, in both entertainment and fiction programming for its members. The network enables partners to sell their formats internationally as well as acquire programs for their domestic markets. Members are also encouraged to develop programs jointly and undertake international coproduction of series.
A network for the exchange of formats – entertainment, new formats, lifestyle, games, etc. – NEWEN NETWORK invites one leading producer per country to join. The network now includes a new player, ZONE3 representing Canada. Besides NEWEN, the leading independent producer in France, ZONE3 also joins GLOBOMEDIA, Spain’s leading independent television producer, TÉVÉ MEDIA GROUP, one of Holland and Belgium’s major independent audiovisual groups and BAVARIA FILM, one of Germany’s leaders in audiovisual production.

For more information, the official press release: Press Release Newen – Zone3

The 17 Juin Media group joins Newen


Christian Gerin, founding President of 17 Juin Media, has chosen Newen, a major production and distribution player in France, to reinforce his group’s growth and bring new momentum in terms of audiovisual development.

Founded in 1992, the 17 Juin Media group has become an essential partner for French TV channels over the past few years, particularly for its proven skills in health, medical and science programmes. Thanks to Magazine de la Santé [“Health Magazine”], shown on France 5 and presented by Michel Cymes and Marina Carrère d’Encausse, the company has renewed the health programme genre and created a style that has been a success with viewers.

The 17 Juin Media group is a new independent organisation within the Newen galaxy (Telfrance, Capa, Be Aware), and represents the offer in health and science magazine programmes and documentaries that Newen lacked. Thanks to this association, 17 Juin Media will be in a position to develop new programmes while taking advantage of Newen’s skills in the fields of fiction and distribution.

More information with the official press release: Press Release 17 JUIN MEDIA

NEWEN 2nd in the ranking of France’s top fiction producers, according to Ecran Total

For the 2013-2014 season, NEWEN holds on to n°2 in the Ecran Total ranking of top fiction producers with 49 hours & 50 minutes of produced content broadcast.

Barjac Production, affiliate of the Telfrance Group, becomes the n°4 individual producer in France with 16 hours & 24 minutes broadcasted thanks to, amongst other, the series “The Source” of which the format has recently been sold to Endemol Studios for the US market.

To name but a few of the group’s key productions:
– “Candice Renoir”, a police series with an unconventional hero, both a mother and a detective – seasons 1 & 2 were breakout successes for France 2 – produced by Boxeur de Lune with a 3rd season currently shooting

– “Plus belle la vie”, the hit daily soap produced by Telfrance Série for France 3 currently celebrating its 10th year onscreen

– The much anticipated 3rd season of police series “Braquo” produced by Capa Drama and broadcast on Canal+ at the beginning of the year

As a reminder, NEWEN is also one of the purveyors of France’s top public broadcasters’ best ratings over the past year:



Best wishes for the new year from NEWEN

The NEWEN group and its teams wish you, your loved ones and your colleagues a very happy New Year!

Newest NEWEN NETWORK meeting for MIPCOM 2013

As has now become the custom, the members of Newen Network and their development & sales teams held their second annual meeting in Cannes at the beginning of October just before the start of MIPCOM.

It was an opportunity for all 4 members, GLOBOMEDIA, TEVE MEDIA GROUP, BAVARIA FILM GROUP and NEWEN, to pitch before the market their newest formats destined for upload on the members-only platform, www.newennetwork.com.


Amongst the formats presented: “Big Beauty“, a reality competition format imagined by NEWEN on a beauty contest to find the next plus size supermodel; “Science Buzz“, a short edutainment successful broadcasted format  on nature, science and the steps needed to take to protect our environment produced by First Entertainment (BAVARIA FILM GROUP); “Max in Rio“, a just commissioned immersion format that shows viewers all that makes Rio ticks ahead of the World Cup and Summer Olympics in the upcoming years by TEVE MEDIA GROUP and finally, “Castle Trial“, a reality adventure competition format produced by GLOBOMEDIA that sees two teams of competitors battle it out in a journey amongst Spanish castles.

NEWEN 2nd in the ranking of France’s top fiction producers, according to Ecran Total

For the 2012-2013 season, NEWEN makes it to n°2 in the Ecran Total ranking of top fiction producers with a cumulative viewership of 133.545.000  people for original fiction broadcast between September 1st 2012 and August 31st 2013 on historical channels.

To name but a few of the group’s key productions:

  • CELL H51 produced by Barjac Production, a police series of which the final 6th season is currently being broadcast on France 3
  • CANDICE RENOIR, a police series with an unconventional hero, a mother and a detective – a spring success for France 2 produced by Boxeur de Lune with a 2nd season currently in production
  • LIFE’S SO SWEET, the hit daily soap produced by Telfrance Série for France 3
  • TANGO produced by Capa Drama and broadcast on France 2, the unconventional investigations of a cop duo faced with strange crimes

First 4-member Newen Network meeting in Cannes

During MIPTV 2012, which took place in Cannes at the beginning of April, Newen Network held its first 4-member meeting, followed by a cocktail buffet under the sign of conviviality.

Indeed, following the entry of GLOBOMEDIA within the network in June 2011, two new members took this opportunity to officially join the network:  TEVE MEDIA GROUP, a production group covering the Netherlands & Flemish-speaking Belgium, and BAVARIA FILM GROUP, one of the biggest German television producers. This meeting made it first of all possible for all the teams to meet and get to know each other better. Each member then had the opportunity to present his local market and pitch in advance the formats uploaded on the members-only platform of the network, www.newennetwork.com.

Amongst the formats presented: “Motherly yours”, produced by Néria (NEWEN), “5X5”, a daily game show pitched by GLOBOMEDIA, “Celebrity Love Match”, a celebrity dating format imagined by TEVE MEDIA GROUP and “Nature’s best Inventions”, a primetime science game show produced by First Entertainment (BAVARIA FILM GROUP).

A few pictures of the event ….

ReunionNewenNetwork_texte ReunionNewenNetwork_texte2

NEWEN 3rd in the ranking of France’s top entertainment producers, according to Ecran Total

For the first time , NEWEN makes it to n°3 in the Ecran Total ranking of top entertainment producers with 201 hours of programs produced for TV channels (both historical & DTT) and broadcasted between August 29th and December 18th 2011.

“Motherly Yours” a daily show produced by Neria/Groupe Telfrance for France 5, “Global Mag” a daily magazine produced by Capa for  Arte or “Welcome to Cauet’s”, a weekly talkshow produced by Be Aware and broadcasted every Saturday on NRJ12 are but a few of the group’s key programs.

MIPCOM 2011: international launch of HARRY


During the 3 days of MIPCOM in October in Cannes, both international broadcasters and buyers were welcome to play HARRY, a new gameshow of French origin.

To celebrate this event, the Newen group and the company Big Nose, co-creators of this original gameshow, took over a suite at the Majestic and attracted the interested through a targeted advertisement campaign, made up of a viral campaign, a advertisement truck on the Croisette and stickers found on the Cannes sidewalks.

Harry is much more than a word game ! In order to win, you have to think strategic but also have some luck. In fact, to prove statistics wrong and aim for victory, you need to always keep in mind the following question: how much are you willing to spend in order to win?

To learn more: http://www.newencontent.com/eng/game-shows/