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Premiering from March 31st at 8:50pm on Planète, new doc series “HUMAN 3.0”!

Human 3.0: welcome to the future of humanity!

This documentary series (3×52’) tells the story of how the Homo Sapiens, who transformed the world at his finger tips, now is using the technology & scientific means at his disposal to work on his own transformation. These tools will help him escape his status of ordinary human. Tomorrow, losing a limb, becoming paralysed, being sick or even simply aging will no longer be a fatality.

 Through its 3 episodes, the series tells the story of this scientific adventure without precedent in the history of humanity. From the clinics of Hollywood to the Lausanne Polytechnical School, from Harvard to Lyon’s Ecole Normale Supérieure, from Berkeley university to Vienna’s central hospital, dozen of researchers & scientists across the globe are working on the birth of the Human of tomorrow. We’ve filmed them in their labs, witnessed their experiments and confronted their findings to the analysis of philosophers, anthropologists and sociologists.  

Such a revolution seems bound to create a change of society and an anthropologic break as told by:

the fixed Human (broadcast on March 31st at 8:50pm) or the story of how humans could soon fix themselves piece by piece, much like a machine, going on to amplify their performances, acquire new powers and transform themselves into cyborgs.

 the connected Human (broadcast on April 7th at 8:50pm) or a future where network connection will be generalized and made permanent between humans, leading to a world where artificial intelligence will cement itself into our daily life, even going so far as to take it over entierely.

the immortal Human? (broadcast on April 14th at 8:50pm) or the final step of a scientific adventure that leaves us breathless: scientists working on pushing back the ultimate frontier, that of death, thus giving hope to those that pretend they can live eternally.

Découvrez la collection “HUMAIN 3.0” dès le 31/03 à 20h50 sur Planète !

Humain 3.0 : bienvenue dans l’avenir de l’humanité.

Cette série documentaire (3 films de 52’) raconte comment l’Homo Sapiens, qui a transformé le monde à sa main, déploie désormais les moyens technologiques et scientifiques pour se façonner lui-même. Des outils qui vont lui permettrent de s’affranchir de sa condition d’humain ordinaire. Demain, perdre un membre, devenir paralysé, être malade ou tout simplement vieillir ne seront plus une fatalité.

Cette série inédite raconte une aventure scientifique sans précédent dans l’histoire de l’humanité. Une révolution qui va accoucher d’un changement de société et d’une rupture anthropologique.

Cette odyssée scientifique est déclinée en trois volets :

l’Homme réparé (diffusion le 31/03 à 20h50)

l’Homme connecté (diffusion le 07/04 à 20h50)

l’Homme immortel ? (diffusion le 14/04 à 20h50)

Des cliniques d’Hollywood à l’Ecole polytechnique de Lausanne, de Harvard à l’Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, de l’université de Berkeley à l’hôpital central de Vienne, des dizaines de chercheurs à travers le monde travaillent à la naissance de l’Homme de demain.

Nous les avons filmés dans leurs laboratoires, assisté à leurs expériences et confronté leurs découvertes à l’analyse de philosophes, d’anthropologues et de sociologues.

Le 1er volet – l’Homme réparé – raconte comment l’humain pourra bientôt se réparer pièce par pièce, telle une machine. Jusqu’à augmenter ses performances, acquérir de nouveaux pouvoirs et se transformer en cyborg.

Le 2ème volet – l’Homme connecté – dessine un avenir où la connection en réseau sera généralisée et permanente entre les hommes. Un monde où l’intelligence artificielle s’installera dans notre quotidien, jusqu’à peut-être le piloter entièrement.

Enfin, dans le 3ème film – l’Homme immortel? – nous explorerons une aventure scientifique qui donne le vertige:  les scientifiques travaillent à repousser l’ultime frontière, celle de la mort. Jusqu’à donner espoir à ceux qui prétendent vivre éternellement.


Success for Capa’s “Terror Studios” at 2015 Sunny Side of the Doc


At this years’s Sunny Side of the Doc, the documentary “Terror Studios, Inside the ISIS propaganda machine” developed by Capa Presse & Canal Plus was voted Best Pitch in the “Global Issues” category.

This documentary was part of the projects selected for the public pitching sessions in front of international producers and broadcasters. It investigates the ISIS propaganda machine that recycles pop culture codes to terrorize the masses and recruit new candidates for Djihad.

Canal Plus lauded this ambitious project as one of the key elements of its international reaching positioning as heralded by Diego Buñuel, the new head of documentaries for the broadcaster.

As well as signs of interest shown by important broadcasters to Newen Distribution, in charge of international sales, discussions are currently underway for a coproduction with Jigsaw, American director & producer Alex Gibney’s company, recently recognized by a Best Documentary Oscar (2007) and 2 Emmy Awards (2007 & 2013).

CAPA puts « A Chef in Prison » for 13ème Rue



This Tuesday March 24th at 10:30pm, cable channel 13ème Rue premieres the first episode of documentary series « A Chef in Prison » (3×52’) produced by CAPA and helmed by renowned French chef Thierry Marx.

Used to prison environments since he’s been teaching cooking classes in prison for years, he’s agreed to find out in what conditions inmates abroad lived.Travelling to three different European prisons, all exceptionnal because of their functioning, he meets inmates more than willing to share about their daily life experiences and discovers astonishing detention conditions.

Starting with Volterra in Italy, his first stop in this prison journey where culture has softened behaviors within this once dangerous prison. To conclude his visit, the Michelin-starred chef prepares a meal with the inmates and shared it with those he’s met and gotten to know.

The second episode which sees Thierry Marx head to the Belgium prison of Andenne is already scheduled to air on March 31st at 10 :25pm on 13ème Rue. The final episode will see him conclude his journey in Norway.


A Michelin-starred chef investigating crime for 13ème RUE


This Saturday September 27th at 10:30 pm on 13ème RUE, Passeport pour le crime: Tijuana sees Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx explores the criminal cases of one of the world’s most dangerous cities.

In this new 90’ documentary episode, produced by Capa Presse, we are shown the hidden side of Mexico through its crimes and criminal cases: “tell me what crime you’re reading about, I will tell you where you live…” is the motto of the show.


For his in-depth investigation, the chef, a former military man, accompanies criminal cases’ journalists, goes to crime scene with weary police squads, follows night patrols with their lot of chases and arrests … he’ll be confronted with the hidden side of the American dream with a “passport for crime” in his pocket!

To learn more: http://www.13emerue.fr/shows/passeport-pour-le-crime

21 DAYS goes camping on France 2


This Tuesday evening, June 3rd, at 11:25 pm on France 2, Capa presents a new episode of investigative documentary series 21 DAYS, adapted from the successful Spanish format of the same name, in the « Infrarouge » collection: 21 days camping.

This Tuesday evening, June 3rd, at 11:25 pm on France 2, Capa presents a new episode of investigative documentary series 21 DAYS, adapted from the successful Spanish format of the same name, in the “Infrarouge” collection: 21 days camping.

In this new season, journalist Alexandra Alévêque experiments the daily life of workers and vacationers at a campground, of pornstars and of nuns in a convent… During 21 DAYS, she’ll discover a whole new world, with its rules and its complications. During 21 DAYS, she’ll live alongside those she’ll be filming, telling their & her story and sharing life’s true moments.

In this episode, she’ll experience the campground lifestyle. During 21 DAYS, she lived with the vacationers and worked with the staff of the 4-star campground in the South of France. She lived in a mobile home, worked at reception, on cleaning duty, MCed the foam parties and the kiddies cluband ended up sharing the age-old tradition of cocktail hour with the vacationers … all in all, she became privy to a whole new world which she showcases in the episode.

Best wishes for the new year from NEWEN

The NEWEN group and its teams wish you, your loved ones and your colleagues a very happy New Year!

NEWEN 2nd in the ranking of France’s top fiction producers, according to Ecran Total

For the 2012-2013 season, NEWEN makes it to n°2 in the Ecran Total ranking of top fiction producers with a cumulative viewership of 133.545.000  people for original fiction broadcast between September 1st 2012 and August 31st 2013 on historical channels.

To name but a few of the group’s key productions:

  • CELL H51 produced by Barjac Production, a police series of which the final 6th season is currently being broadcast on France 3
  • CANDICE RENOIR, a police series with an unconventional hero, a mother and a detective – a spring success for France 2 produced by Boxeur de Lune with a 2nd season currently in production
  • LIFE’S SO SWEET, the hit daily soap produced by Telfrance Série for France 3
  • TANGO produced by Capa Drama and broadcast on France 2, the unconventional investigations of a cop duo faced with strange crimes

Hondelatte goes live… on 13ème RUE


Starting Friday April 5th at 10:15 pm on 13ème RUE, Hondelatte part en live pays tribute to ordinary people working extraordinary jobs.

In each weekly episode of this magazine produced by CAPA, the host, famous investigative journalist Christophe Hondelatte, learns more about dream jobs, high-tension jobs or even repulsive jobs. He aims to follow these men and women at the heart of the action, during their missions or training sessions, trying to understand their motivations.


Whether in a nuclear submarine, in jail, with high-sea rescuers, medical examiners, in a closed educational facility, with war doctors, in army commando training or even alongside extreme-situation rescuers…. Hondelatte part en live and in immersion, showing us 10 jobs that one can only work at because it’s a calling.

To learn more: http://www.13emerueuniversal.fr/shows/hondelatte-part-en-live