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NEWEN is a major player in audiovisual production and distribution in France, present in fiction, magazine shows, light entertainment and animation.

The TEMPLETON are shooting it out on OCS City

François-David Cardonnel - SKITS/TELFRANCE

François-David Cardonnel – SKITS/TELFRANCE


This Monday MArch 23rd from 10:05pm on pay-DTT channel OCS CITY, Skits Productions & the Telfrance Group are unveiling the first 2 episodes of the brand new comedy western « Templeton » (10×26’).

The 3 Templeton brothers, Jack, Cole and Butch, end up in the town of Two Rivers, somewhere in Montana. Even though they can’t get along, they’re preparing the robbery of the century, a carriage attack that should make them rich beyond their dreams. Yet their fumbling attempts are going to have to wait while they first deal with a trio of bad guys, town issus and trying to find love…

LADY LIBERTY, the birth of a symbol on Arte


This Saturday February 15th, Telfrance is proud to present in prime-time at 8:50 pm on Arte, LADY LIBERTY, THE BIRTH OF A SYMBOL (90’), a docu-fiction directed by Mark Daniels.

Statue_texte1The program tells the amazing story of the world best known statue, inaugurated October 28th 1886 by the American authorities. This extravagant project dreamed up by French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi is the conclusion of a 20-year tumultuous saga encouraged by a few visionnary men such as Ferdinand de Lesseps, the visionnary promotor of the Suez Canal.

The Statue of Liberty represents in numbers …

  • 46 meters high from the top of the torch to the base and 93 meters high with the base
  • 300 sheets of cooper
  • 210 boxes needed to ship the 350 separated pieces of the statue to the United States

Portefeuille industriel


Newest NEWEN NETWORK meeting for MIPCOM 2013

As has now become the custom, the members of Newen Network and their development & sales teams held their second annual meeting in Cannes at the beginning of October just before the start of MIPCOM.

It was an opportunity for all 4 members, GLOBOMEDIA, TEVE MEDIA GROUP, BAVARIA FILM GROUP and NEWEN, to pitch before the market their newest formats destined for upload on the members-only platform, www.newennetwork.com.


Amongst the formats presented: “Big Beauty“, a reality competition format imagined by NEWEN on a beauty contest to find the next plus size supermodel; “Science Buzz“, a short edutainment successful broadcasted format  on nature, science and the steps needed to take to protect our environment produced by First Entertainment (BAVARIA FILM GROUP); “Max in Rio“, a just commissioned immersion format that shows viewers all that makes Rio ticks ahead of the World Cup and Summer Olympics in the upcoming years by TEVE MEDIA GROUP and finally, “Castle Trial“, a reality adventure competition format produced by GLOBOMEDIA that sees two teams of competitors battle it out in a journey amongst Spanish castles.

NEWEN 2nd in the ranking of France’s top fiction producers, according to Ecran Total

For the 2012-2013 season, NEWEN makes it to n°2 in the Ecran Total ranking of top fiction producers with a cumulative viewership of 133.545.000  people for original fiction broadcast between September 1st 2012 and August 31st 2013 on historical channels.

To name but a few of the group’s key productions:

  • CELL H51 produced by Barjac Production, a police series of which the final 6th season is currently being broadcast on France 3
  • CANDICE RENOIR, a police series with an unconventional hero, a mother and a detective – a spring success for France 2 produced by Boxeur de Lune with a 2nd season currently in production
  • LIFE’S SO SWEET, the hit daily soap produced by Telfrance Série for France 3
  • TANGO produced by Capa Drama and broadcast on France 2, the unconventional investigations of a cop duo faced with strange crimes

Huge success for the launch of “My Crazy Tribe”

Barjac Production / Telfrance

This Wednesday, April 18th, at 8:35 pm, Barjac Production launched in prime-time on France 2 the adventures of MY CRAZY TRIBE.

It was a winning gamble because this family comedy ended up being the most watched program of the night in France with an audience share of 22,3% and nearly 6 million viewers! Since last September, it’s double the usual results for this prime-time slot.

MY CRAZY TRIBE is the story of Isabelle Garnier, a mother whose destiny is forever changed by her husband’s desertion … After 25 years of marriage and three children – two of which are adopted -, he leaves her and empties the family’s bank accounts in less than 24 hours.  Her quiet life as a naive and charitable housewife suddenly becomes a story of survival.  She finds herself a providential job in a funeral parlor. Along with her young protégée Wanda, a former prostitute, she comes up with the idea for a one-of-a-kind partnership. What if former sex workers helped all these bereaved, mourning lonely relatives left to deal with their grief? All in good faith of course … Unfortunately, her professional and family situation starts spinning out of control very quickly…

Two new episodes of MY CRAZY TRIBE will go to filming at the end of May: Isabelle Garnier and her quirky family will soon be back on French screens!

The Angels of Reality, season 4, are back on NRJ12

La Grosse Equipe / Telfrance

Starting Monday April 16th at 6:15 pm, NRJ12 is broadcasting daily the 4th season of the Angels of Reality but this year, the rules of the game have somewhat changed…

As in previous editions, the contestants will still have to try and make it big in their preferred work branch (entertainment, acting, modeling…) but they also have to run a club hotel … which gives its name to the current season, Angels of Reality: Club Hawaii.


Produced by La Grosse Equipe, Angels of Reality has kept beating viewers’ records since it was first broadcasted. The first edition in Los Angeles (that brought together 8 former contestants of such different programs as Loft Story,Temptation Island or Secret Story, in pursuit of their professional dream) was watched by over 263 000 viewers when it launched.  The second season, set in Miami, brought together 475 000 viewers, more than double compared to the first season’s ratings. After a third season set in New-York, Hawaii now awaits our contestants.

To learn more about the adventures these 11 former reality celebrities, from Secret Story to Pop Idol through Survivor,  can look forward to, see the NRJ12 website.

THE BLOOD OF THE VINE flows for the 3rd time on France 3

 Telecip / Telfrance

Monday January 28th at 8:35 pm, Telecip presents in prime-time the third chapter of the series THE BLOOD OF THE VINE, “Margaux’s robe” on France 3.

After the first two prime-time episodes that each drew in about 4 million viewers, this new episode is about the new investigations of Benjamin Lebel, played by Pierre Arditi. A famous oenologist, he is asked to resolve a new mystery: the sales director of a famous Bordelais chateau with dubious methods is killed. Margaux, Benjamin’s daughter, is a collateral victim of this murder. Benjamin decides to investigate …

Sangdelavigne_texteTo learn more about the adventures of this wine and investigation lover,


NEWEN 3rd in the ranking of France’s top entertainment producers, according to Ecran Total

For the first time , NEWEN makes it to n°3 in the Ecran Total ranking of top entertainment producers with 201 hours of programs produced for TV channels (both historical & DTT) and broadcasted between August 29th and December 18th 2011.

“Motherly Yours” a daily show produced by Neria/Groupe Telfrance for France 5, “Global Mag” a daily magazine produced by Capa for  Arte or “Welcome to Cauet’s”, a weekly talkshow produced by Be Aware and broadcasted every Saturday on NRJ12 are but a few of the group’s key programs.

New prime-time on TF1 for WELCOME TO THE EDELWEISS


Monday January 2nd at 8:40pm, Jalifa, production label of Telfrance, presents in prime-time the third chapter of the series WELCOME TO THE EDELWEISS, “When the parents arrive” on TF1.

After a first prime-time that drew in 8.7 million viewers, this new episode is about the new adventures of Anne-Sophie, played by Claire Keim. She’s trying to work on her fledgling career as a personal development coach. Yet she still has to deal with her ever-crazy family at the chalet THE EDELWEISS.

To see what her family has in store for her, watch the following