Goldman Sachs has embodied all the excess of financial speculation since five years.

The bank grew richer during the “subprimes” meltdown after it bet on the bankruptcy of American households. Their political connections then saved Goldman Sachs from going bankrupt.

The financial crisis crossed the Atlantic: since then, Goldman Sachs has become one of the protagonists involved in the euro crisis when it bet against the European currency. Before that, it had helped falsify the Greek accounts.

While the European governments were falling down one after another, “the Firm” took advantage of the situation: it widened its network of influence on the Old Continent.

Goldman Sachs is now more than a bank: it is an invisible empire, with $900 billion of assets, namely twice France’s annual budget. It is a financial empire upon which the sun never goes down. The bank has transformed the planet into a casino: they’re gambling on everything to make more and more profits.

Thanks to its tremendous network and its army of 30,000 “monks-bankers”, Goldman Sachs has extended its financial power over the past five years. It has increased its grip on governments, enjoying the impunity of American and European laws.

The secret and obscure activities of Goldman Sachs directly influence our daily lives. The bank is always on the winners’ side, gambling on every assets and securities: they were involved in Facebook IPO (Initial Public Offering), in the nomination of the new head of the ECB and in the lobbying against financial regulation.

The documentary directed by Marc Roche, a senior reporter for “Le Monde” and author of the best-seller “La Banque”, and Jérôme Fritel, takes us to the core of this power which knows no limits, no boundaries and which threatens democracies worldwide.

For the first time, former Goldman Sachs employees, rival bankers, politicians, financial regulators, economists and journalists are testifying unmasked. They unveil the political and financial power of “the bank that leads the world”.

« Goldman Sachs, the finance supermarket », a web production by Capa for Arte web

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