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Launch of YouTube Original Channel “Rendez-vous à Paris”


Since November 16th, CAPA has launched the Original Channel  “RENDEZ-VOUS A PARIS” on YouTube. It broadcasts colorful & amazing programs, all rooted in Parisian life.

With Paris as both background and playground, this “lifestyle & freestyle” channel shows daily life in the “French Capital” in all its variations through short programs hosted by high-energy, authentic, amazing, creative or even borderline, almost all-Parisian characters!

Freedom, effervescence, creativity and authenticity are at the heart of the channel’s editorial guideline. Each week, 4 to 5 new episodes of these short program mini-series in 3 genres (Street happenings, city magazines & webseries) are exclusively available for viewing. Their playground is Paris and its core values – love, beauty, monuments, culture, artists and fashion.

Young talent is at the heart of these mini-series: web & TV & movie & music personalities, authors, journalists, hosts, young producers. Flexible programming is key with weekly updates every day of the week at noon for surprises and permanent discoveries all year long.

Youtube: to learn more about the channel & its programs –http://youtube.com/rendezvousaparis

Twitter: for live news & updates about the channel – https://twitter.com/RDVParisfr

Facebook: to speak to us, exchange ideas & learn more –  https://www.facebook.com/RDVParis