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All aboard for THE ISLE OF WOMEN with France 3


This Saturday May 14th at 8:55pm, France 3 presents a story of women as told by BARJAC PRODUCTION with the isle of Ouessant serving as background to a tale of mysterious murders that seem to echo a decade-long tragedy at sea.

mosaique - IAF

Police captain Marie Hersant, a native of the island, is sent back to investigate the worrying disappearance of her childhood friend Sandrine Le Pennec, who seems to have vanished without a trace after leaving her an alarming message. She’s determined to find the truth, despite the reluctance of her lieutenant & lover who’s worried to see his pregnant wife go back to the place of all her sorrows… the biggest one being her mother Marie, a local figure of importance, from whom she’s been estranged since her father’s death at sea in mysterious circumstances that have left the locals weary & angry at her family.

Such a complicate investigation is further threatened by a sudden storm that leaves the island cut off from the mainland. In such tense conditions, Marie will uncover deep secrets that will have her delve deep into her own family history and lead her to even suspect some of her family members …

Success for new Capa Drama TV movie on France 2


This Wednesday January 20th, CAPA DRAMA premiered successfully in prime time its newest TV movie, THE BASTILLE KILLER, A WOMAN’S FIGHT (90′) to over 6 million viewers on main public broadcaster France 2.

This adaptation of an eponymous autobiography by Martine Monteil, the first women to head all of France’s police services, tells of the hunt for one of France’s most renowned killers, a dangerous sociopath by the name of Guy Georges. But hunting down such a criminal took professionnal and personal strength, trying to overcome work rivalries that threatened the investigation & sexist behaviors from her colleagues that didn’t always appreciate her drive for the truth.

Julia’s curse strikes on France 3

Barjac Production / Telfrance


Barjac Production, together with Abrafilms, presents this Tuesday February 25th at 8:45 pm in prime-time on France 3, LA MALEDICTION DE JULIA, a family thriller set in the Lille region.

Who is trying to destroy Julia Gramont’s life? At the head of her big family-owned agribusiness company in the Lille region, this prideful beautiful woman sees her empire slowly crumbling in front of her eyes because of criminal sabotage. Even worse, her daughter is suspected of murder. Faith or family curse ? Julia slowly realizes she’s the designated victim of a ruthless avenger. To save herself and her daughter, she will have to face a painful past and resolve a familiar old crime.

TATA BAKHTA is coming for a visit on France 2

Mima / Telfrance

Wednesday August 1st at 8:35 pm, Mima presents in prime-time the TV movie TATA BAKHTA on France 2.

Of Algerian origin, Tata Bakhta comes to France from Oran to visit her perfectly integrated nephews, now orphans and living in a small provincial town. She wants to make sure her brother has been buried according to Muslim law… Nothing could have prepared her for the reality of her family’s life in La Ciotat!

Corps_TataBakhtaA comedy full of humor and tenderness that deals with the shock of cultures, traditions and differences through quiproquos and funny situations!