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The Angels of Reality, season 4, are back on NRJ12

La Grosse Equipe / Telfrance

Starting Monday April 16th at 6:15 pm, NRJ12 is broadcasting daily the 4th season of the Angels of Reality but this year, the rules of the game have somewhat changed…

As in previous editions, the contestants will still have to try and make it big in their preferred work branch (entertainment, acting, modeling…) but they also have to run a club hotel … which gives its name to the current season, Angels of Reality: Club Hawaii.


Produced by La Grosse Equipe, Angels of Reality has kept beating viewers’ records since it was first broadcasted. The first edition in Los Angeles (that brought together 8 former contestants of such different programs as Loft Story,Temptation Island or Secret Story, in pursuit of their professional dream) was watched by over 263 000 viewers when it launched.  The second season, set in Miami, brought together 475 000 viewers, more than double compared to the first season’s ratings. After a third season set in New-York, Hawaii now awaits our contestants.

To learn more about the adventures these 11 former reality celebrities, from Secret Story to Pop Idol through Survivor,  can look forward to, see the NRJ12 website.