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Premiering from March 31st at 8:50pm on Planète, new doc series “HUMAN 3.0”!

Human 3.0: welcome to the future of humanity!

This documentary series (3×52’) tells the story of how the Homo Sapiens, who transformed the world at his finger tips, now is using the technology & scientific means at his disposal to work on his own transformation. These tools will help him escape his status of ordinary human. Tomorrow, losing a limb, becoming paralysed, being sick or even simply aging will no longer be a fatality.

 Through its 3 episodes, the series tells the story of this scientific adventure without precedent in the history of humanity. From the clinics of Hollywood to the Lausanne Polytechnical School, from Harvard to Lyon’s Ecole Normale Supérieure, from Berkeley university to Vienna’s central hospital, dozen of researchers & scientists across the globe are working on the birth of the Human of tomorrow. We’ve filmed them in their labs, witnessed their experiments and confronted their findings to the analysis of philosophers, anthropologists and sociologists.  

Such a revolution seems bound to create a change of society and an anthropologic break as told by:

the fixed Human (broadcast on March 31st at 8:50pm) or the story of how humans could soon fix themselves piece by piece, much like a machine, going on to amplify their performances, acquire new powers and transform themselves into cyborgs.

 the connected Human (broadcast on April 7th at 8:50pm) or a future where network connection will be generalized and made permanent between humans, leading to a world where artificial intelligence will cement itself into our daily life, even going so far as to take it over entierely.

the immortal Human? (broadcast on April 14th at 8:50pm) or the final step of a scientific adventure that leaves us breathless: scientists working on pushing back the ultimate frontier, that of death, thus giving hope to those that pretend they can live eternally.

France 2 welcomes back MY CRAZY TRIBE


After already 6 succesful episodes since the launch of the series in spring 2012 with viewers always back for more, Isabelle Garnier & her kids are off on new adventures in this new episode titled “All will be well” airing Wendesday May 18th at 8:55pm on France 2.


© Marie Etchegoyen

Settled in her love life, Isabelle, helped by her kids, tries her best to welcome husband’s Franck daughter Sybille with style. She’s supposed to come for a week’s holiday but things start going wrong as soon as she steps through the door … calling Isabelle “Mam” and expressing a desire to move in with her dad. More troubled by this situation than she lets on, Isabelle starts making mistakes … so much so that fearing for her health, she consults a doctor who convinces her she might have a brain tumor. Feeling the call of possible death, the head of the family tries to get things settled for after she’s gone, while Sybille keeps driving the whole tribe crazy! Things are definitely bound to get interesting!

Viewers tune in to TF1 in numbers for AFTER I’M GONE


This past Monday MArch 7th in prime time on main private broadcaster TF1, CAPA DRAMA premiered its newest production, the TV movie AFTER I’M GONE (90′) starring popular French actress Alexandra Lamy. The story of this extraordinary struggle by a dying mother to keep her kids together moved viewers to tears and was followed by nearly 7 million people (a 27.6% market share).

Written by Claire Lemaréchal, this drama is the adaptation of “Le courage d’une mère” (©Oh ! Editions), the book written by Marie-Laure Picat & Anne Berthod. The country was moved at the time by the story of this mother dying of cancer who lead a uphill battle against French administration to keep her children together in familiar surroundings following her death.


© François Lefebvre / Capa Drama / Azad Films / TF1

Success for new Capa Drama TV movie on France 2


This Wednesday January 20th, CAPA DRAMA premiered successfully in prime time its newest TV movie, THE BASTILLE KILLER, A WOMAN’S FIGHT (90′) to over 6 million viewers on main public broadcaster France 2.

This adaptation of an eponymous autobiography by Martine Monteil, the first women to head all of France’s police services, tells of the hunt for one of France’s most renowned killers, a dangerous sociopath by the name of Guy Georges. But hunting down such a criminal took professionnal and personal strength, trying to overcome work rivalries that threatened the investigation & sexist behaviors from her colleagues that didn’t always appreciate her drive for the truth.

Warm reception for “Versailles” on Canal+


Historical drama VERSAILLES premiered this Monday November 16th in prime time on commercial subscription-broadcaster Canal+. The first 2 episodes of season 1 (10×52′) were watched by 1 million viewers and 19.2% of the channel’s subscribers.The series follows the rise to power of young king Louis XIV and his transformation into the Sun King, the king of kings and France’s most famous reign. Produced by Capa Drama, the series is lauded as being the most expensive in the history of French TV.


Set against a backdrop of power, love, betrayal and war, Versailles promises a unique take on a defining period of French history. The year is 1667 and King Louis XIV is a 28-year-old monarch on the cusp of greatness. A ruthless leader, he will stop at nothing to achieve his vision of creating the most beautiful palace in Europe and seizing absolute control of France and his enemies.

More exclusive content and information on the series can be found on the Canal+ website, Facebook et Twitter

A new “Plus Belle La Vie” investigation on France 3


Watched daily by over 5 million viewers, the cult series on the daily lives of the Mistral’s inhabitants is back for a prime time edition with a storyline continuing from the daily episodes of the past few weeks, with the broadcast of QUAND LES MASQUES TOMBENT.

This Tuesday October 20th at 8:50pm on France 3, « Plus Belle la Vie » presents its 17th prime time to launch its 12th season, QUAND LES MASQUES TOMBENT, produced by Telfrance Série & Rendez-Vous Productions.

On the menu: investigations, betrayals and suspens … at the Mistral, police and inhabitants are hot on the trail of the Enchantor who’s kidnapped one of their oww in a possible deadly game of cat and mouse.

“La France passe le test” is back on TF1

PROD360/Groupe Telfrance

How good is your general knowledge? Hosts Carole Rousseau & Christophe Beaugrand invite you to test what you know by having fun “Culture générale : la France passe le test” on TF1 this Saturday August 1st in prime time for a second show.

Adapted from the successfull Dutch format “Test the Nation” (Eyeworks/groupe Warner) and once again presented by the dynamic duo of Carole Rousseau & Christophe Beaugrand, this great set quizz brings together celebrities, 6 groups of 50 random people and viewers at home.

Indeed, during the show, these 6 groups will battle it out to crown who has the “biggest general knwoledge” and maybe overturn a few popular cliches. Who will win the trophy and be the best amongst the teachers, the footballers, the petanque players, students of private schools, artisans or swimwear models?

6 celebrities with very different backgrounds and careers have also agreed to take part. As for viewers at home, they’re encouraged to train and play along via the MYTF1 application.

All will have to answer 49 astonishing questions divided into 8 different themes to test their knowledge:
– Society
– Art
– Litterature
– Entertainment
– Animals
– History
– Sports
– Geography
– Life sciences

NINA is ready for consultations on France 2


©Laurent Denis / FTV

Nina, an unconventional interning nurse, starts work from this Wednesday June 17th at 8:55pm on France 2 in the channel’s brand new medical series with heart.

It’s Nina’s first day of work as a 39 year-old interning nurse under the orders of Leo, a “kid” fifteen years younger than her with a fiery personality and of Doctor Proust who enjoys scaring her… not an easy start!
In fact, for everyone at the hospital, Nina is the boss’ wife, Costa Antonakis, her ex-husband with whom nothing is really settled despite their divorce. Yet, after having taken care of their daughter Lily for 10 years, nothing scares Nina anymore! Passionate about her job, a devoted friend, she only needs to give love and men another chance…

Nina, patients adore her and doctors hate her as can be seen in the trailer

For more information, the series’ official webpage: http://www.france2.fr/emissions/nina

CANDICE RENOIR is back on France 2!

Candice Renoir S3

©Fabien Malot
BOXEUR DE LUNE/Telfrance Group

Following 2 very successfull seasons watched by more than 5 million viewers on average, the blondest and yet smartest police commander of the French force is back on our screens for a new season.

Starting from Friday May 15th on prime time at 8:50pm on public broadcaster France 2, « Candice Renoir » will be broadcast for a 3rd season (10×52’) with 2 exclusive episodes weekly.

On the menu, new investigations for her to solve with her unique flair … the setup of a bed tells her a hidden love story, the mango flavor of discarded sweets or the menu of a chips shop reveal a crime’s motives. And in matter of the heart, she still has to deal with her 4 very overwhelming children while trying to balance her torrid new love affair as a young divorcee … but with whom?

“Murder in Etretat” called in on France 3


© Nathalie GUYON / Capa Drama / France Télévisions

This Saturday April 4th at 8 :50pm on public broadcaster France 3, producer Capa Drama premieres « Murder in Etretat », a police drama TV movie and a new episode in the series showcasing different French towns & regions as backdrops to police mysteries & investigations …

Here, a man is found dead having fallen from the famous cliffs of Etretat in Normandy close to the sea. The police discovers a threatening letter in his car, leading them to believe it’s murder rather than suicide they’re investigating. The 2 lieutenants in charge of the investigation, played by famous model Adriana Karembeu and renowned French TV actor Bruno Madinier, team up for the first time to try and uncover the dead man’s secrets.