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New edition of ENQUETE DE SANTE on France 5


This Tuesday May 10th at 8:45pm, the team behind popular “The Health Magazine” takes over the prime time slot for public broadcaster France 5 with a new edition of health magazine HEALTH INVESTIGATION on the issue of proximity hospitals & maternities closures, a growing phenomenon in France.

Should proximity & health security be confronted as two opposing values? In the long run, are all proximity hospitals & maternities bound to be closed by the state health administration? Are this closures the insurance for a safer health system or a sure sign of the disengagment of the State, a traditional cornerstone of the French health system?

The documentary will be followed by a debate moderated by hosts Marina Carrère d’Encausse, Michel Cymes and Benoît Thevenet.

To learn more, a quick look at the website

« Immediate Immersion » soon on 13ème Rue



Famous French TV hosts Carole Rousseau & Benjamin Castaldi are for the 1st time brought together to star in a new documentary series, “Immediate Immersion”, starting May 5th at 10 :30pm exclusively on cable channel 13ème Rue.

They are about to immerse themselves in the extraordinary daily lives of some rather ordinary individuals, paying tribute to them in the meantime. With each their own specific approach, our « ingenous » hosts will dive into usually inaccessible worlds – at least to the general public – in this 7-documentary collection featuring 7 realms of activity and 7 out-of-the-ordinary jobs.


Fighter pilots, emergency care doctors or even child-protection cops … all of them jobs one pratices only by calling, sometimes with a constant threat to one’s life. Benjamin Castaldi & Carole Rousseau therefore abandon the confort of the TV studios to go meet & shine light on these individuals with these high-risk jobs.

In their missions or in training, during 1 week, day and night, our 2 hosts become reporters and follow them deep in the heart of the action but also during the downtime, trying to understand how they feel but their motivations, joys and moments of doubt.