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France 2 welcomes back MY CRAZY TRIBE


After already 6 succesful episodes since the launch of the series in spring 2012 with viewers always back for more, Isabelle Garnier & her kids are off on new adventures in this new episode titled “All will be well” airing Wendesday May 18th at 8:55pm on France 2.


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Settled in her love life, Isabelle, helped by her kids, tries her best to welcome husband’s Franck daughter Sybille with style. She’s supposed to come for a week’s holiday but things start going wrong as soon as she steps through the door … calling Isabelle “Mam” and expressing a desire to move in with her dad. More troubled by this situation than she lets on, Isabelle starts making mistakes … so much so that fearing for her health, she consults a doctor who convinces her she might have a brain tumor. Feeling the call of possible death, the head of the family tries to get things settled for after she’s gone, while Sybille keeps driving the whole tribe crazy! Things are definitely bound to get interesting!

CANDICE is back in action on France 2

BOXEUR DE LUNE/Telfrance Group

After 3 successful seasons followed on average by 5 million viewers weekly, this is the season of all dangers for Commander Renoir with this 4th season launching Friday May 6th at 8:55pm on France 2.


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Her investigation methods are ridiculed during a trial she’s called to witness at and her previous second-in-command has left her for a more prestigious police division. Worse still, one of her investigations leads her back North, her region of origin, to find her mother implicated in a series of murders. But it might just be a season of surprises as well: what of her relationship with Commander Canovas? Antoine might just end up coming back with specific intentions after all their UST previous seasons and police captains are also very charming up North…

Success for new Capa Drama TV movie on France 2


This Wednesday January 20th, CAPA DRAMA premiered successfully in prime time its newest TV movie, THE BASTILLE KILLER, A WOMAN’S FIGHT (90′) to over 6 million viewers on main public broadcaster France 2.

This adaptation of an eponymous autobiography by Martine Monteil, the first women to head all of France’s police services, tells of the hunt for one of France’s most renowned killers, a dangerous sociopath by the name of Guy Georges. But hunting down such a criminal took professionnal and personal strength, trying to overcome work rivalries that threatened the investigation & sexist behaviors from her colleagues that didn’t always appreciate her drive for the truth.

CANDICE RENOIR is back on France 2!

Candice Renoir S3

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Following 2 very successfull seasons watched by more than 5 million viewers on average, the blondest and yet smartest police commander of the French force is back on our screens for a new season.

Starting from Friday May 15th on prime time at 8:50pm on public broadcaster France 2, « Candice Renoir » will be broadcast for a 3rd season (10×52’) with 2 exclusive episodes weekly.

On the menu, new investigations for her to solve with her unique flair … the setup of a bed tells her a hidden love story, the mango flavor of discarded sweets or the menu of a chips shop reveal a crime’s motives. And in matter of the heart, she still has to deal with her 4 very overwhelming children while trying to balance her torrid new love affair as a young divorcee … but with whom?

CAPA PRESSE stands up against school bullying on France 2



Throughout Tuesday February 10th, broadcaster France 2 is mobilizing against school bullying with special programming culminating with the broadcast of the Capa Presse documentary « Souffre-douleurs, ils se manifestent » (The victims are taking a stand) at 10 :25pm in the #Infrarouge timeslot.

Shot by Andrea Rawlins-Gaston & Laurent Follea, this documentary  sheds light on an unknown & trivialized phenomenon in France, despite 10% of pupils officially defining themselves as victims of bullying. 6 youngsters have agreed to be the figureheads  in the fight to get this cruel reality recognized. To make French society face the truth of the situation and offer solutions, they’ve decided to tell their stories, the harsh reality of this social phenomenon and its devastating consequences.

This documentary will be accompagnied by a public declaration signed by hundreds of young victims and their parents. Published in the press, this manifest will also be present on the social plateform put together by France Télévisions, where victims of school bullying and their parents will be able to sign it as well and take part in the fight to recognize this horrible phenomenon.

Under the hashtag #harcelementscolaire on Twitter, the night’s programming will continue at 11 :20pm with a debate on how to break the silence surrounding school bullying to help viewers learn more about this often denied phenomenon in France.


21 DAYS goes camping on France 2


This Tuesday evening, June 3rd, at 11:25 pm on France 2, Capa presents a new episode of investigative documentary series 21 DAYS, adapted from the successful Spanish format of the same name, in the « Infrarouge » collection: 21 days camping.

This Tuesday evening, June 3rd, at 11:25 pm on France 2, Capa presents a new episode of investigative documentary series 21 DAYS, adapted from the successful Spanish format of the same name, in the “Infrarouge” collection: 21 days camping.

In this new season, journalist Alexandra Alévêque experiments the daily life of workers and vacationers at a campground, of pornstars and of nuns in a convent… During 21 DAYS, she’ll discover a whole new world, with its rules and its complications. During 21 DAYS, she’ll live alongside those she’ll be filming, telling their & her story and sharing life’s true moments.

In this episode, she’ll experience the campground lifestyle. During 21 DAYS, she lived with the vacationers and worked with the staff of the 4-star campground in the South of France. She lived in a mobile home, worked at reception, on cleaning duty, MCed the foam parties and the kiddies cluband ended up sharing the age-old tradition of cocktail hour with the vacationers … all in all, she became privy to a whole new world which she showcases in the episode.

Ratings record for the return of CANDICE RENOIR on France 2

Boxeur de Lune / Telfrance

CANDICE RENOIR is back on prime time on France 2 for a second season, with 2 episodes per night starting April 18th. The 2 first episodes brought about a ratings record, making the broadcaster the first channel of the evening, in front of TF1.

More than 4 300 000 viewers tuned in at 8:45 pm on Friday April 18th to follow the new investigations of this blond cop, torn between her job, her family and her love life.


This second season saw also the launch of a crossmedia operation on social networks, thanks to a virtual treasure hunt and behind-the-scenes videos :
– Facebook : https://fr-fr.facebook.com/CandiceRenoirOfficiel
– Twitter : https://twitter.com/CandiceRenoir
– Dailymotion : http://www.dailymotion.com/candicerenoir

Capa Drama, winner of 2 awards at the Luchon TV Festival

Capa Drama

Capa Drama was awarded two prizes at this year’s Luchon TV Festival for MARIE CURIE, UNE FEMME SUR LE FRONT.

Directed by Alain Brunard, this 90’ docu-fiction, to be broadcast in the upcoming months on France 2, was crowned Best Program/Mini-Series by the festival audience and its lead actress, Dominique Reymond, won Best Female Actress for her role as the famous scientist.


©Lionel Epp/ Capa Drama / France Télévisions

This fiction tells of the efforts of the Physics Nobel prize winner and of Claudius Regaud to develop on the front lines on World War I new treatment methods such as radiology, thus furthering medical care and inventing the modern-day hospital.

Isabelle Garnier and her CRAZY TRIBE back on France 2

Barjac Production/Telfrance

Following the success of the Garnier family’s previous adventures, Barjac Production is presenting this Wednesday January 29th at 8:45 pm in prime-time on France 2 a new episode of the family comedy MY CRAZY TRIBE.

After the events of the previous episodes such as her professional struggles, divorce, fighting for her children and getting married – seen by an average of 6 million viewers -, Isabelle Garnier, planning her move-out to a new home, must now deal with her recently deceased mother’s inheritance. And what a strange inheritance it is, having to share half a house with an unexpected “stepmother” and managing a nightclub of declining popularity …

Crédits photos @Aurélien Faidy

MY CRAZY TRIBE back on France 2

Barjac Production/Telfrance

Following the success of the first three episodes of this family comedy, Barjac Production is presenting this Wednesday September 4th at 8:45 pm in prime-time on France 2 the new adventures of MY CRAZY TRIBE.

After the events of the previous episodes such as her professional struggles, divorce and fighting for her children – seen by an average of 6 million viewers -, everything seems set for Isabelle Garnier’s wedding. Having just arrived on the island of Guadeloupe for a dream week with her quirky family, she’s going to have to fight to keep her prince charming.

Two new episodes of MY CRAZY TRIBE will start filming soon: Isabelle Garnier and her family will soon be back on French screens!