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New edition of ENQUETE DE SANTE on France 5


This Tuesday May 10th at 8:45pm, the team behind popular “The Health Magazine” takes over the prime time slot for public broadcaster France 5 with a new edition of health magazine HEALTH INVESTIGATION on the issue of proximity hospitals & maternities closures, a growing phenomenon in France.

Should proximity & health security be confronted as two opposing values? In the long run, are all proximity hospitals & maternities bound to be closed by the state health administration? Are this closures the insurance for a safer health system or a sure sign of the disengagment of the State, a traditional cornerstone of the French health system?

The documentary will be followed by a debate moderated by hosts Marina Carrère d’Encausse, Michel Cymes and Benoît Thevenet.

To learn more, a quick look at the website

A new “Plus Belle La Vie” investigation on France 3


Watched daily by over 5 million viewers, the cult series on the daily lives of the Mistral’s inhabitants is back for a prime time edition with a storyline continuing from the daily episodes of the past few weeks, with the broadcast of QUAND LES MASQUES TOMBENT.

This Tuesday October 20th at 8:50pm on France 3, « Plus Belle la Vie » presents its 17th prime time to launch its 12th season, QUAND LES MASQUES TOMBENT, produced by Telfrance Série & Rendez-Vous Productions.

On the menu: investigations, betrayals and suspens … at the Mistral, police and inhabitants are hot on the trail of the Enchantor who’s kidnapped one of their oww in a possible deadly game of cat and mouse.