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Premiering from March 31st at 8:50pm on Planète, new doc series “HUMAN 3.0”!

Human 3.0: welcome to the future of humanity!

This documentary series (3×52’) tells the story of how the Homo Sapiens, who transformed the world at his finger tips, now is using the technology & scientific means at his disposal to work on his own transformation. These tools will help him escape his status of ordinary human. Tomorrow, losing a limb, becoming paralysed, being sick or even simply aging will no longer be a fatality.

 Through its 3 episodes, the series tells the story of this scientific adventure without precedent in the history of humanity. From the clinics of Hollywood to the Lausanne Polytechnical School, from Harvard to Lyon’s Ecole Normale Supérieure, from Berkeley university to Vienna’s central hospital, dozen of researchers & scientists across the globe are working on the birth of the Human of tomorrow. We’ve filmed them in their labs, witnessed their experiments and confronted their findings to the analysis of philosophers, anthropologists and sociologists.  

Such a revolution seems bound to create a change of society and an anthropologic break as told by:

the fixed Human (broadcast on March 31st at 8:50pm) or the story of how humans could soon fix themselves piece by piece, much like a machine, going on to amplify their performances, acquire new powers and transform themselves into cyborgs.

 the connected Human (broadcast on April 7th at 8:50pm) or a future where network connection will be generalized and made permanent between humans, leading to a world where artificial intelligence will cement itself into our daily life, even going so far as to take it over entierely.

the immortal Human? (broadcast on April 14th at 8:50pm) or the final step of a scientific adventure that leaves us breathless: scientists working on pushing back the ultimate frontier, that of death, thus giving hope to those that pretend they can live eternally.

Success for Capa’s “Terror Studios” at 2015 Sunny Side of the Doc


At this years’s Sunny Side of the Doc, the documentary “Terror Studios, Inside the ISIS propaganda machine” developed by Capa Presse & Canal Plus was voted Best Pitch in the “Global Issues” category.

This documentary was part of the projects selected for the public pitching sessions in front of international producers and broadcasters. It investigates the ISIS propaganda machine that recycles pop culture codes to terrorize the masses and recruit new candidates for Djihad.

Canal Plus lauded this ambitious project as one of the key elements of its international reaching positioning as heralded by Diego Buñuel, the new head of documentaries for the broadcaster.

As well as signs of interest shown by important broadcasters to Newen Distribution, in charge of international sales, discussions are currently underway for a coproduction with Jigsaw, American director & producer Alex Gibney’s company, recently recognized by a Best Documentary Oscar (2007) and 2 Emmy Awards (2007 & 2013).

A Michelin-starred chef investigating crime for 13ème RUE


This Saturday September 27th at 10:30 pm on 13ème RUE, Passeport pour le crime: Tijuana sees Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx explores the criminal cases of one of the world’s most dangerous cities.

In this new 90’ documentary episode, produced by Capa Presse, we are shown the hidden side of Mexico through its crimes and criminal cases: “tell me what crime you’re reading about, I will tell you where you live…” is the motto of the show.


For his in-depth investigation, the chef, a former military man, accompanies criminal cases’ journalists, goes to crime scene with weary police squads, follows night patrols with their lot of chases and arrests … he’ll be confronted with the hidden side of the American dream with a “passport for crime” in his pocket!

To learn more: http://www.13emerue.fr/shows/passeport-pour-le-crime

21 DAYS goes camping on France 2


This Tuesday evening, June 3rd, at 11:25 pm on France 2, Capa presents a new episode of investigative documentary series 21 DAYS, adapted from the successful Spanish format of the same name, in the « Infrarouge » collection: 21 days camping.

This Tuesday evening, June 3rd, at 11:25 pm on France 2, Capa presents a new episode of investigative documentary series 21 DAYS, adapted from the successful Spanish format of the same name, in the “Infrarouge” collection: 21 days camping.

In this new season, journalist Alexandra Alévêque experiments the daily life of workers and vacationers at a campground, of pornstars and of nuns in a convent… During 21 DAYS, she’ll discover a whole new world, with its rules and its complications. During 21 DAYS, she’ll live alongside those she’ll be filming, telling their & her story and sharing life’s true moments.

In this episode, she’ll experience the campground lifestyle. During 21 DAYS, she lived with the vacationers and worked with the staff of the 4-star campground in the South of France. She lived in a mobile home, worked at reception, on cleaning duty, MCed the foam parties and the kiddies cluband ended up sharing the age-old tradition of cocktail hour with the vacationers … all in all, she became privy to a whole new world which she showcases in the episode.

LADY LIBERTY, the birth of a symbol on Arte


This Saturday February 15th, Telfrance is proud to present in prime-time at 8:50 pm on Arte, LADY LIBERTY, THE BIRTH OF A SYMBOL (90’), a docu-fiction directed by Mark Daniels.

Statue_texte1The program tells the amazing story of the world best known statue, inaugurated October 28th 1886 by the American authorities. This extravagant project dreamed up by French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi is the conclusion of a 20-year tumultuous saga encouraged by a few visionnary men such as Ferdinand de Lesseps, the visionnary promotor of the Suez Canal.

The Statue of Liberty represents in numbers …

  • 46 meters high from the top of the torch to the base and 93 meters high with the base
  • 300 sheets of cooper
  • 210 boxes needed to ship the 350 separated pieces of the statue to the United States

Portefeuille industriel


LIFE’S SO SWEET: special evening from 8 pm till midnight on France 3 (Telfrance Série)

Telfrance Série

Starting at 8 pm, this Tuesday September 17th, France 3 presents a special LIFE’S SO SWEET evening with first of all the broadcasting of the daily episode.

Starting at 8:35 pm, Telfrance Série and Rendez-Vous Production Série present a new primetime edition of LIFE’S SO SWEET. “Nuit Blanche” tells the story of founding character Blanche Marci who wakes up in hospital, suffering from amnesia and with no memory of the night before. Yet her son now fears her and her daughter Johanna has disappeared: everything points to her as the culprit! This primetime edition promises to be full of suspense and thrilling emotions!

Then, at 10:20 pm, the never-before broadcasted 52′ documentary, LES SECRETS DE LA FAMILLE MARCI keeps shedding light on the Mistral and its inhabitants. After having studied loved and specific characters in the previous episodes of this documentary series, it’s one of the program’s key families turn to be the subject.

Have a great LIFE’S SO SWEET evening on France 3!

Crédits Photos (3) – François Lefebvre

KINDIA 2015: a unique documentary & humanitarian project on Canal+


CAPA presents this November 20th at 8:55 pm on Canal+ the first documentary on the humanitarian project KINDIA 2015, the 1st step in a unique & new initiative.

kindia_550-350Kindia Horizon 2015 is in fact a North-South long-term development operation, initiated by Canal+ in Guinea, in the region of Kindia, xith the participation on the channel’s subscribers thanks to donations.

This commitment, beyond the TV screens, to a long-term action in Guinea, one of the world’s poorest countries represents a never-before-seen adventure in television. Concretely, over a period of 4 years, a team of journalists will regularly follow the population and NGO in 5 areas of intervention, with the aim of reaching the Millennium Development Goals set by the UN. 4 years to build and follow these projects with strong and endearing personalities.


Building schools and medical facilities, facilitating access to clean drinking water, improving waste disposal policy, improving local production & food security… there are plenty of challenges facing the country, ranked 178 in the world (on 187) in terms of human development in 2011, according to the UNDP index. Guinea is therefore one of the countries where these operations have a real impact, all of them making it possible to launch endogenous development that will continue even after 2015.

To learn more: www.canalplus.fr/kindia2015

To act and help the project:  www.kindiaplus.com/start.php

BOOMERANG, death by gadget: the mobile phone, March 21th , 8:55 pm on CANAL +


BOOMERANG is a 90-minute documentary that decodes a globalized world, a world in which our actions as consumers can have unsuspected consequences.

This unique program combines in-depth reportage, investigation and human adventure.

By going back to the object’s origin, BOOMERANG takes us on a fascinating journey to the four corners of the planet (DRC, CHINA & INDIA), where specialized journalists are dispatched to shed light on the incredible itinerary of the most sold gadget in the world: mobile phones, as we take a close look at its life cycle, from creation to destruction.

Without detracting from the seriousness of the subject matter, Diego Buñuel and his team present the investigation in a fast-paced and offbeat style, offering a fresh and humorous approach. Diego Buñuel will introduce you to alternative solutions in order to change your consumers habits.

“BOOMERANG, death by gadget: the mobile phone”, a new kind of documentary presented by Diego Buñuel, March 21th , 8:55 pm on CANAL +


LIFE’S SO SWEET: special evening from 8 pm till midnight on France 3

Telfrance Série

Starting at 8 pm, this Tuesday February 21st, France 3 presents a special LIFE’S SO SWEET evening with first of all the broadcasting of the daily episode.

Prime-PBLV-texteStarting at 8:35 pm, Telfrance Série and Rendez-Vous Production Série present a new primetime edition of LIFE’S SO SWEET. These two brand new special episodes,  “Coup de froid aux 4 soleils”, tell the story of the most improbable duo,  Xavier, the district attorney and Djawad, the criminal. They both end up together in Paris to lead an rough investigation while infiltrating a dangerous neighborhood : a plot that promises surprises, suspense and emotions!

Documentaire-PBLV-texteThen, at 10:30 pm, the never-before broadcasted 60′ documentary, TOUS AU MISTRAL! sheds light on the unconditional fans of this iconic daily series, which will reach its 2000th episode this year and captivates nearly 6 million viewers every night.  The portrait of 5 of these fans enables us to find out more about the unique universe of LIFE’S SO SWEET fans. In describing their rituals and their confusion between reality and fiction, the director thus shows us the impact a work of fiction can have on a viewer’s real life.

Have a great LIFE’S SO SWEET evening on France 3!

“The Invisible Crime”, May 18th, 8:40pm on Planet


This documentary, by Etelle Higonnet and Raynald Lellouche, reveals, through the testimonies of victims, sexual violence perpetrated against women with impunity in Côte d’Ivoire during the civil war (2002-2007).

The words of these women, who all fled the country, are particulary relevant at a time when Côte d’Ivoire is going through a climate of civil war again after the presidential election and the fall of Laurent Gbagbo.

Etelle Higonnet, a lawyer who has worked for NGOs such as Human Rights Watch, has investigated war crimes, a “silent crime”, nobody wants to talk about in Côte d’Ivoire because it was committed by men of all parties.

Twelve renowned women journalists have agreed to lend their voices to this documentary so that this crime is no longer invisible. A commitment to information and respect for human rights.

possible-portraits-8The story of an invisible crime. A silent crime. A crime that men want to ignore. A crime that women will never forget. Rape as a weapon of war in Côte d’Ivoire. In this divided country ravaged by a decade of civil war between the government and rebel groups, armed men in each camp have used rape as a political weapon. It is women who pay. It is estimated thatone in ten women were raped during the conflict. This film tells their story, enables them to speak, at a time when the former belligerents, men, are putting the country into war again following the disputed presidential election of 28 November.

For tens of thousands of women in the Cote d’Ivoire, rich or poor, Muslim or Christian, no matter their ethnic groups (Mande, Kru, Akan or Dioula), the “Men’s peace” will never be for them. Their names are Mariam Adiala, Aminata, Rose or Sabine. With their words or their bodies, they tell the unspeakable. To testify, to survive, to denounce, but also, sometimes, to forgive, and accept the child born after the rape.

Political targets, victims of war crimes remain unpunished, these women join the ranks of millions of women who, with each new crisis, are the first victims of hatred and barbarism of men.



They are also survivors and heroines, struggling to earn a living, finding the bravery to play with their children, singing together at church … Despite the degradation and violence they have endured, they speak to us with composure and a strength almost superhuman. It is they who bring their families and communities after the unspeakable. INVISIBLE CRIME reveals the strength and beauty of the human mind deal with the tragedy.

Twelve renowned women journalists have agreed to lend their voices to this documentary.

The commentary read by several voices creates a “chain of solidarity” among these women lift the veil on this subject that concerns us all, even if this is happening in the Côte d’Ivoire.
The mobilization of these women journalists marks their commitment to information and respect for human rights.



The twelve members:

  • Maïtena Biraben
  • Pascale Clarke
  • Florence Dauchez
  • Marie Drucker
  • Laurence Ferrari
  • Carole Gaessler
  • Isabelle Giordano
  • Anne-Sophie Lapix
  • Patricia Loison
  • Ariane Massenet
  • Daphné Roulier
  • Caroline Roux

Le crime invisible from FIGRA on Vimeo.