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France 2 welcomes back MY CRAZY TRIBE


After already 6 succesful episodes since the launch of the series in spring 2012 with viewers always back for more, Isabelle Garnier & her kids are off on new adventures in this new episode titled “All will be well” airing Wendesday May 18th at 8:55pm on France 2.


© Marie Etchegoyen

Settled in her love life, Isabelle, helped by her kids, tries her best to welcome husband’s Franck daughter Sybille with style. She’s supposed to come for a week’s holiday but things start going wrong as soon as she steps through the door … calling Isabelle “Mam” and expressing a desire to move in with her dad. More troubled by this situation than she lets on, Isabelle starts making mistakes … so much so that fearing for her health, she consults a doctor who convinces her she might have a brain tumor. Feeling the call of possible death, the head of the family tries to get things settled for after she’s gone, while Sybille keeps driving the whole tribe crazy! Things are definitely bound to get interesting!

CANDICE is back in action on France 2

BOXEUR DE LUNE/Telfrance Group

After 3 successful seasons followed on average by 5 million viewers weekly, this is the season of all dangers for Commander Renoir with this 4th season launching Friday May 6th at 8:55pm on France 2.


© Fabien Malot

Her investigation methods are ridiculed during a trial she’s called to witness at and her previous second-in-command has left her for a more prestigious police division. Worse still, one of her investigations leads her back North, her region of origin, to find her mother implicated in a series of murders. But it might just be a season of surprises as well: what of her relationship with Commander Canovas? Antoine might just end up coming back with specific intentions after all their UST previous seasons and police captains are also very charming up North…

The TEMPLETON are shooting it out on OCS City

François-David Cardonnel - SKITS/TELFRANCE

François-David Cardonnel – SKITS/TELFRANCE


This Monday MArch 23rd from 10:05pm on pay-DTT channel OCS CITY, Skits Productions & the Telfrance Group are unveiling the first 2 episodes of the brand new comedy western « Templeton » (10×26’).

The 3 Templeton brothers, Jack, Cole and Butch, end up in the town of Two Rivers, somewhere in Montana. Even though they can’t get along, they’re preparing the robbery of the century, a carriage attack that should make them rich beyond their dreams. Yet their fumbling attempts are going to have to wait while they first deal with a trio of bad guys, town issus and trying to find love…