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« Immediate Immersion » soon on 13ème Rue



Famous French TV hosts Carole Rousseau & Benjamin Castaldi are for the 1st time brought together to star in a new documentary series, “Immediate Immersion”, starting May 5th at 10 :30pm exclusively on cable channel 13ème Rue.

They are about to immerse themselves in the extraordinary daily lives of some rather ordinary individuals, paying tribute to them in the meantime. With each their own specific approach, our « ingenous » hosts will dive into usually inaccessible worlds – at least to the general public – in this 7-documentary collection featuring 7 realms of activity and 7 out-of-the-ordinary jobs.


Fighter pilots, emergency care doctors or even child-protection cops … all of them jobs one pratices only by calling, sometimes with a constant threat to one’s life. Benjamin Castaldi & Carole Rousseau therefore abandon the confort of the TV studios to go meet & shine light on these individuals with these high-risk jobs.

In their missions or in training, during 1 week, day and night, our 2 hosts become reporters and follow them deep in the heart of the action but also during the downtime, trying to understand how they feel but their motivations, joys and moments of doubt.

“Irradiated Food” in our plates on France 5



This Sunday March 15th in prime-time, Capa Presse presents its new 52’ documentary « Irradiated food » in the Docs du Dimanche collection. It’s an investigation into one of the food industrie’s most well-kept secrets … nuggets, shrimps, spices: some of our food is irradiated!

Officially, it’s for our own good: radioactivity is effective in killing germs and limiting the risks of food poisoning. But this technology might also have side effects on our health and thus remains on of the food industry’s most obscure pratices to date.

During their investigation, the CAPA team met with both a professional from the industrial irradiation world and one of the only researchers to have proved the link between irradiated food & cancer, trying to balance both side of the debate. They also shone a light on the issue of labelling and consumer information, an often neglected element that sometimes leads to fraud.

Fraud which they themselves undercovered in Belgium … nothing much can said about this health scandal as it is still under official investigation but it seems irradiation was used to freshen up rotten chicken carcasses that were then sold to the general public.

Be careful at what you put in your plates from now on!

CAPA PRESSE stands up against school bullying on France 2



Throughout Tuesday February 10th, broadcaster France 2 is mobilizing against school bullying with special programming culminating with the broadcast of the Capa Presse documentary « Souffre-douleurs, ils se manifestent » (The victims are taking a stand) at 10 :25pm in the #Infrarouge timeslot.

Shot by Andrea Rawlins-Gaston & Laurent Follea, this documentary  sheds light on an unknown & trivialized phenomenon in France, despite 10% of pupils officially defining themselves as victims of bullying. 6 youngsters have agreed to be the figureheads  in the fight to get this cruel reality recognized. To make French society face the truth of the situation and offer solutions, they’ve decided to tell their stories, the harsh reality of this social phenomenon and its devastating consequences.

This documentary will be accompagnied by a public declaration signed by hundreds of young victims and their parents. Published in the press, this manifest will also be present on the social plateform put together by France Télévisions, where victims of school bullying and their parents will be able to sign it as well and take part in the fight to recognize this horrible phenomenon.

Under the hashtag #harcelementscolaire on Twitter, the night’s programming will continue at 11 :20pm with a debate on how to break the silence surrounding school bullying to help viewers learn more about this often denied phenomenon in France.


A Michelin-starred chef investigating crime for 13ème RUE


This Saturday September 27th at 10:30 pm on 13ème RUE, Passeport pour le crime: Tijuana sees Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx explores the criminal cases of one of the world’s most dangerous cities.

In this new 90’ documentary episode, produced by Capa Presse, we are shown the hidden side of Mexico through its crimes and criminal cases: “tell me what crime you’re reading about, I will tell you where you live…” is the motto of the show.


For his in-depth investigation, the chef, a former military man, accompanies criminal cases’ journalists, goes to crime scene with weary police squads, follows night patrols with their lot of chases and arrests … he’ll be confronted with the hidden side of the American dream with a “passport for crime” in his pocket!

To learn more: http://www.13emerue.fr/shows/passeport-pour-le-crime

CAPA PRESSE n°1 documentary producer in 2012, according to the CNC


With 100 hours produced, CAPA PRESSE was in 2012 the n°1 producer of documentaries for TV, according the data compiled by the CNC in their 2013 report on the documentary market.

A few of the producer’s most recent successes, “D comme Débrouille”, “Global Gâchis”, “Goldman Sachs” et “Viol, elles se manifestent”.