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BOOMERANG : “The dark side of the chocolate bar” coming to Canal+


CAPA presents this February 27th at 8:55 pm on Canal+, Boomerang, a new kind of documentary that takes us to the four corners of the planet on the trail of one of our favorite sweets: the chocolate bar.

During 90 minutes, the host and his cast of journalists attempt to decode a globalized world where each bite of our favorite chocolate candy has unexpected consequences on the other side of the world.

It’s a journey deep in the heart of the food-processing industry to discover the countries, the ingredients, the stakes and the men behind a 80 billion dollar market.

We’ll soon be 9 billion human beings in need of feeding … and there won’t be enough for everyone.

















BOOMERANG, death by gadget: the mobile phone, March 21th , 8:55 pm on CANAL +


BOOMERANG is a 90-minute documentary that decodes a globalized world, a world in which our actions as consumers can have unsuspected consequences.

This unique program combines in-depth reportage, investigation and human adventure.

By going back to the object’s origin, BOOMERANG takes us on a fascinating journey to the four corners of the planet (DRC, CHINA & INDIA), where specialized journalists are dispatched to shed light on the incredible itinerary of the most sold gadget in the world: mobile phones, as we take a close look at its life cycle, from creation to destruction.

Without detracting from the seriousness of the subject matter, Diego Buñuel and his team present the investigation in a fast-paced and offbeat style, offering a fresh and humorous approach. Diego Buñuel will introduce you to alternative solutions in order to change your consumers habits.

“BOOMERANG, death by gadget: the mobile phone”, a new kind of documentary presented by Diego Buñuel, March 21th , 8:55 pm on CANAL +