First international adaptation for SENSATIONAL

Since mid-June, format SENSATIONAL’s Vietnamese adaptation is entertaining private broadcaster THVL 1’s viewers, marking the first international success for the cocreation by NEWEN & Fuji TV.

Success for Capa’s “Terror Studios” at 2015 Sunny Side of the Doc

A documentary on the ISIS propaganda machine, defended by Capa, won the “Best Pitch” prize in the “Global Issues” category at this year’s Sunny Side of the Doc, one of the world’s leading international documentary markets.

NINA is ready for consultations on France 2

This Wednesday June 17th at 8:55pm, consultations hours are starting on France 2 for their brand new medical series (8×52′), NINA, that tells the story of the first days of work of a rather unconventional interning nurse …

NEWEN’s ambitions on the international stage

For MIPTV 2015, Fabrice Larue and his team took the opportunity to present the group’s current status & strengths, all the while keeping a firm eye on its international ambitions.



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Founded in 2008, NEWEN is a major player in audiovisual production and distribution in France, present in fiction, magazine shows, light entertainment and animation.

hours of programs
per year
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A catalog of over
of programs



 An umbrella brand which embodies the creativity and culture of our Group.

 A development team to accelerate the growth of 5 production subsidiaries (Telfrance, Capa, 17 Juin Media, Production Valley, Blue Spirit).


To rely on the strength of an R&D unit added to the internal development teams within each of the groups.

To develop a leading and diversified audiovisual group, positioned in the field of production and distribution and present on the main European markets.


To develop our presence worldwide thanks to a Network of partnering international companies.

To identify and recruit new talented producers.

To develop our production activities in light entertainment, TV reality, game shows, magazine shows, talk shows…)

To create content dedicated to the brands and new medias (short programs for internet and mobile…)

To reinforce our distribution activity in the are of acquisition and the sale of formats.


Newen continues its development in order to become a European production & distribution leader.

 In February 2017, Newen acquired a majority capital share of Tuvalu Media Group, the n°1 independent producer in the Netherlands.

 Tuvalu is a production group recognized for its creativity and the quality of its productions with all the Dutch broadcasters.

 Amongst its best known programs feature productions such as « The First Years », « My New Home », « Maestro » (a BBC format) and  « Cover Me ».

 Thanks to this acquisition, Newen will have a direct foothold in the Netherlands. This move furthers the group’s international coverage beyond the commercial partnerships forged through the Newen Network in Germany and Canada.


  • telfrance_03

    Founded in 1949, the TELFRANCE Group now unites a huge number of talents in all kinds of audiovisual programs : ficition, light-entertainement, magazine shows, animation, documentaries, scripted-reality, brand content, short programms.

    Since June 2008, the TELFRANCE Group has been owned by NEWEN.

  • CAPA_03

    Founded by Hervé Chabalier in 1989, CAPA is specialized in reports, documentaries, magazines, talk-shows and transmedia content production. CAPA is also producing TV shows and dramas with CAPA DRAMA, and institutional and corporate audiovisual communication tools with CAPA ENTREPRISES.

    CAPA joined NEWEN Group in 2010.

  • 17juin_03

    Founded and directed by Christian Gerin since 1992, 17 JUIN MEDIA group has become in only a few years a key partner in the know-how dedicated to health programs, medicine and science. 17 JUIN MEDIA also produces documentaries, collections on justice and has diversified through 17 JUIN FICTION, 17 JUIN MUSIQUE and 17 JUIN EDITIONS.

    17 JUIN MEDIA joined NEWEN Group in March 2015.

  • production valley

    Launched in October 2016 and headed by Alexandra CRUCQ, Production Valley is the non-scripted entity of the Newen group. This branch is dedicated to reinforcing the group’s presence within the entertainment industry by producing entertaining content for all broadcasters: game shows, factual series, social experiments, music or comedy shiny-floor shows … As many shows produced with the best & freshest talents.

  • blue spirit

    Founded by Éric Jacquot in 2004 and co-headed with Armelle Glorennec since 2005, the Blue Spirit group creates and produced animation series and feature films. Over the last ten years, Blue Spirit has established itself as one of the leading players in animation in France with over 40 hours of programs created each year in its Angouleme and Montreal studios.


Fabrice Larue
Entrepreneur for 35 years in the media
Tel : +33 (0)1 58 36 18 51
Bibiane Godfroid
CEO of content / NEWEN
President of CAPA and Production Valley
A triple experience as a producer, a broadcaster and a journalist
Tel: +33 (0)1 58 36 18 51
Tanguy de Franclieu
Associate Managing Director NEWEN STUDIOS
Associate Managing Director NEWEN in charge of International
13 years of entrepreneurship
in France and abroad
Tel : +33 (0)1 58 36 18 56
Christophe Nobileau
Associate Managing Director NEWEN
25 years’ experience in company management
Tel: +33 (0)1 58 36 18 61
Alexandra Crucq
Managing Director Production Valley
A double experience in broadcasting & production
Tel : +33 (0)1 80 27 97 72
Guillaume de Menthon
Manager of a diversified media group
Tel : +33 (0)1 53 78 24 23
Guillaume Thouret
CAPA Managing Director
The experience in broadcasting & production
serving a diversified group
Tel : +33 (0)1 40 45 47 06
Christian Gerin
17 JUIN MEDIA Founder & CEO
Journalist & Producer
Tel : +33 (0)1 58 88 84 10
Stéphanie de Bouillé
Secretary General
Human contact & communication:
a passion at the company’s service
Tel : +33 (0)1 53 78 70 25
© Wladimir Simitch
Taco Zimmerman
CEO of Tuvalu Media Group
Creator and International Seller
Eric Jacquot
President of Blue Spirit
Malika Abdellaoui
CEO of Newen Distribution


The Best Dish of my Life 6x52' - Prime Time Hebdomadaire évenementiel
Candice Renoir 10x’52 (saison 5) – Fiction
Le Sang de la Vigne 90′ – Fiction
Cassandre 96′ – Fiction
Pizzalicious 20×50’ – Daily Afterschool
Run & Buzz 26’ or 46’ – Daily Access Prime Time
On Fire 45' - Daily access PT game show
Gone up in smoke 60' - Prime Time event
Sensational 45’ – Daily Access Prime Time or Weekly Prime Time
BI THE WAY Gender doesn’t matter
The Best Matchmaker 45' - Daily stripped reality
Guess My Age 45' - Weekly game show
The Butterfly Effect / L'Effet Papillon 30′ – Weekly news magazine
Nina 10×52′ (season 2) – Fiction
Big Beauty 60’ – Weekly
Versailles 10 x 52′ – Fiction
Grands Reportages 60′ – News magazine
The Big Day 45′or 60′ episodes – daily stripped reality show
Can you feel Love? 26′ or 52′ – Weekly
Harry 26′ Daily – Daytime or Access Prime Time
Life's So Sweet 25' - Daily soap
One Day to Move Out 45′ or 60′ episodes – daily stripped reality show


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Newen Network

Worldwide format exchange network created by Newen in May 2011, Newen Network now regroups 4 subsidiaries.

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NEW YORK (March 31st, 2017) – A+E Networks® is partnering with Newen Studios to bring A+E’s most successful formats to French audiences. It was jointly announced today by Patrick Vien, Executive Managing Director, International, A+E Networks and Bibiane Godfroid, Managing Director of Newen.

Newen, France’s oldest and famed television production house and the country’s second most prolific content producer, will be able to produce such A+E’s acclaimed formats, Alone and Bride & Prejudice, locally.
A leader in unscripted and scripted programming, Newen’s most recent success is the historical drama series Versailles, with the first episode of Season 2 on air this week on Canal Plus gaining a very large audience success.

“Our deal with Newen demonstrates A+E Network’s commitment to continued expansion in the international marketplace through strong, long-term partnerships with the best broadcast and production players,” said Vien. “Our formats belong to a new generation of television; they are entertainment with a social purpose. After major success in the U.S.  and the U.K. we consider France’s audience to offer enormous potential for groundbreaking formats.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Newen to grow our collective businesses together,” added Denis Cantin, Vice President, Head of International Sales, EMEA, A+E Networks.  “As Newen becomes A+E’s production partner in France, it opens the door to our U.S. channels for Newen’s formats and their next high-end drama series.”

For Bibiane Godfroid, Managing Director of Newen: “Production Valley (Newen’s subsidiary in charge of factual and entertainment) will be highly dedicated to the promotion of A+E formats on the French market and will work with all the broadcasters to promote them.”

For Alexandra Crucq, Managing Director of Production Valley (Newen’s subsidiary in charge of factual and entertainment): “I am delighted that this agreement could be made between this great player of the US market and Production Valley. A+E formats question society and the world that surrounds us through new forms of storytelling, thus enabling them to reach a very large audience. Alone & Bride and Prejudice are already being well received on the French market.”

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Le 6 septembre dernier, Newen, et Keshet International (KI), la branche distribution et production du groupe Keshet Media, s’associaient pour le développement de nouvelles séries internationales haut de gamme.

Les deux sociétés ont ainsi appelé auteurs professionnels, français et israéliens, à soumettre des propositions de projets originaux en Anglais ou en Hébreu, correspondant à des formats d’une heure ou d’une demi-heure et présentant un intérêt pour des publics Européens.

35 projets au total ont été reçus.

L’appel à projets est maintenant clos depuis le 1er novembre.

Les scénarios reçus se répartissent à parts égales entre projets provenant d’auteurs français, confirmés ou pas, et d’auteurs israéliens dont certains sont déjà crédités sur des séries à succès, comme Moshe Zonder et Leora Kamenetzky pour Fauda.

Sur les thématiques, un bon nombre de projets sont des thrillers contemporains, quelques projets autour du choc culturel franco–israélien, de l’ambition en politique, et quelques projets d’anticipation.

La lecture de ces projets par les équipes de Newen et Keshet permettra une première évaluation après confrontation des avis de part et d’autres, fin novembre à Londres. L’objectif étant de retenir 5 à 7 (max) projets qui seront alors soumis aux producteurs de fiction du Groupe.

Les finalistes seront annoncés en Janvier 2017

Ils auront l’opportunité de travailler avec un showrunner européen expérimenté, une équipe de production et de développement, et bénéficieront d’un accès inédit au marché mondial de la fiction.

Cette initiative est menée par Sandra Ouaiss, Directrice des Co-productions pour Newen et Productrice Associée et Atar Dekel, Directrice des Co-productions Fiction Internationale et Nelly Feld, Directrice des ventes Europe, pour Keshet International. Le jury inclura plus largement la Directrice Fiction de Keshet Diffusion, Karni Ziv, ainsi que certains producteurs de Telfrance et Capa Drama (Groupe Newen).

Premier projet du groupe retenu par Séries Mania dans le cadre du forum des Coproductions

Cette année, le Forum des coproductions a reçu 321 projets et en a sélectionné 15 qui seront pitchés en Avril, dont THE STEINS le projet retenu par NEWEN et KESHET International dans le cadre de l’appel à projets lancé en fin d’année dernière.

The STEINS raconte le mythe de Frankenstein adapté dans une famille française moderne écrit par un jeune auteur talentueux et prometteur Nils Antoine Sambuc. La série mêle habilement le drame familial et le mystère avec un humour sombre et acide. Servie par un concept solide et original, les personnages sont contrastés, riches et attachants.

Le projet sera pitché par les équipes de Keshet International et Sandra Ouaiss pour Newen
le 18 avril prochain.
L’objectif est de trouver des chaines françaises et étrangères et d’autres partenaires pour financer le développement de ce projet.

Le 6 septembre dernier, Newen, et Keshet International (KI), la branche distribution et production du groupe Keshet Media, s’associaient pour le développement de nouvelles séries internationales haut de gamme, présentant un intérêt pour des publics Européens (formats d’une heure ou d’une demi- heure).

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Newen Distribution – the international distribution company of the NEWEN Group offers a catalog of 5000 hours of fiction, animation, documentaries, light entertainment, magazine shows, talk shows… Programs which are NEWEN productions, but also those by independent producers.

Since 2003, Newen Distribution actively participates on the main TV markets are works closely with the main broadcasters, producers, video editors and operators on the 5 continents.



press review



press review



press review


April 12, 2011

NEWEN: a bilingual website for the internationalization of the group



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