KINDIA 2015: a unique documentary & humanitarian project on Canal+


CAPA presents this November 20th at 8:55 pm on Canal+ the first documentary on the humanitarian project KINDIA 2015, the 1st step in a unique & new initiative.

kindia_550-350Kindia Horizon 2015 is in fact a North-South long-term development operation, initiated by Canal+ in Guinea, in the region of Kindia, xith the participation on the channel’s subscribers thanks to donations.

This commitment, beyond the TV screens, to a long-term action in Guinea, one of the world’s poorest countries represents a never-before-seen adventure in television. Concretely, over a period of 4 years, a team of journalists will regularly follow the population and NGO in 5 areas of intervention, with the aim of reaching the Millennium Development Goals set by the UN. 4 years to build and follow these projects with strong and endearing personalities.


Building schools and medical facilities, facilitating access to clean drinking water, improving waste disposal policy, improving local production & food security… there are plenty of challenges facing the country, ranked 178 in the world (on 187) in terms of human development in 2011, according to the UNDP index. Guinea is therefore one of the countries where these operations have a real impact, all of them making it possible to launch endogenous development that will continue even after 2015.

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