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Capa Presse

Following the success of the first one aired on February 2018 on France 2 (3,3 million viewers – 14% market share), the French broadcaster has ordered two new episodes of the historical show. After his journey into the history of the restaurant, the anchor Stéphane Bern and his guests will therefore make the viewers discover new amazing stories.

Synopsis: History is not just about kings, empires and battlefields. Everyday life is also filled with it: schools, transportation, restaurants, museums, courts, homes, clothing, workplaces, medicine, trade… We are surrounded from our very first day by institutions, places, objects and services and we have become so accustomed to them that we have forgotten they have their own history. Each of them was born centuries ago and evolved throughout the ages… THE AMAZING STORY is an entertaining experience and a new way to learn. Our anchor and his guests travel back through History. They experiment, decipher and recount the invention’s history throughout time and they role-play in historical reconstructions. Our time-travellers are also wearing the clothes and customs of our ancestors. They live their daily life. How will they face the journey back in time?

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© Capa Presse
Capa Presse

Directed by the international correspondent Kamal Redouani, specialist of Arab revolutions, ISISLEAKS is a unique dive into the heart of the system and obscurantist ideology set up by the Islamic State Organization in Libya from June 2014 onwards.

Synopsis: In 2016, ISIS lost control of Sirte, a Libyan city which had been occupied for two years. In the ruins of an emir’s house, an anti-ISIS fighter has found a laptop and a cell phone with confidential ISIS files : a goldmine of documents, files and videos. This ground-breaking documentary allows viewers to peer into the mind of the monster, thanks to these extraordinary sources. By hacking into ISIS mind, we uncover the political and terrorist strategy of the terrorist organization.

To know more about the program: ISISLEAKS: INSIDE THE MONSTER’S MINDS


Capa Drama

OSMOSIS, inpired by a web-series produced by Telfrance, is the second French Netflix Original series, after Marseille.

Synopsis: In Paris of the near future, a dating app matches singles with their soul mates by mining their brain data. But decoding true love comes at a price.


Pupkin, which recently joined Newen Group, is also developping a 8*30′ series for Netflix: Written by Winchester Mcfly, MORES will be the first Dutch original in the SVOD platform.

Synopsis: Some rules are not meant to be broken. In the liberal city of Amsterdam, these Dutch students have it all: youth, wealth, sex, power… and the portal to a demonic world from the Dutch Golden Age they opened by accident.