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Following the success of its first season (more than 3 million viewers every evening at 7:20pm on TF1), TOMORROW IS OURS continues throughout the 2018-2019 season, with a special prime-time format being written. Sold in 5 territories, the daily episodes are also accessible on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO two days after their broadcast on TF1.

Synopsis: Located in the heart of the beautiful French city of Sète, TOMORROW IS OURS follows the daily life of several families with very different characters. Between love stories, family secrets, revenge and revelations, the series is an explosive and enjoyable cocktail of permanent twists.

To know more about the program: TOMORROW IS OURS

France 2 welcomes back MY CRAZY TRIBE


After already 6 succesful episodes since the launch of the series in spring 2012 with viewers always back for more, Isabelle Garnier & her kids are off on new adventures in this new episode titled “All will be well” airing Wendesday May 18th at 8:55pm on France 2.


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Settled in her love life, Isabelle, helped by her kids, tries her best to welcome husband’s Franck daughter Sybille with style. She’s supposed to come for a week’s holiday but things start going wrong as soon as she steps through the door … calling Isabelle “Mam” and expressing a desire to move in with her dad. More troubled by this situation than she lets on, Isabelle starts making mistakes … so much so that fearing for her health, she consults a doctor who convinces her she might have a brain tumor. Feeling the call of possible death, the head of the family tries to get things settled for after she’s gone, while Sybille keeps driving the whole tribe crazy! Things are definitely bound to get interesting!

All aboard for THE ISLE OF WOMEN with France 3


This Saturday May 14th at 8:55pm, France 3 presents a story of women as told by BARJAC PRODUCTION with the isle of Ouessant serving as background to a tale of mysterious murders that seem to echo a decade-long tragedy at sea.

mosaique - IAF

Police captain Marie Hersant, a native of the island, is sent back to investigate the worrying disappearance of her childhood friend Sandrine Le Pennec, who seems to have vanished without a trace after leaving her an alarming message. She’s determined to find the truth, despite the reluctance of her lieutenant & lover who’s worried to see his pregnant wife go back to the place of all her sorrows… the biggest one being her mother Marie, a local figure of importance, from whom she’s been estranged since her father’s death at sea in mysterious circumstances that have left the locals weary & angry at her family.

Such a complicate investigation is further threatened by a sudden storm that leaves the island cut off from the mainland. In such tense conditions, Marie will uncover deep secrets that will have her delve deep into her own family history and lead her to even suspect some of her family members …

CANDICE is back in action on France 2

BOXEUR DE LUNE/Telfrance Group

After 3 successful seasons followed on average by 5 million viewers weekly, this is the season of all dangers for Commander Renoir with this 4th season launching Friday May 6th at 8:55pm on France 2.


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Her investigation methods are ridiculed during a trial she’s called to witness at and her previous second-in-command has left her for a more prestigious police division. Worse still, one of her investigations leads her back North, her region of origin, to find her mother implicated in a series of murders. But it might just be a season of surprises as well: what of her relationship with Commander Canovas? Antoine might just end up coming back with specific intentions after all their UST previous seasons and police captains are also very charming up North…

Family specials on HARRY this holiday season


Starting December 21st at 4:50pm on France 3 and the whole week leading up to Christmas, HARRY welcomes for the first time on set families!


A family a day will come challenge HARRY but only one family member will qualify for the finale and try to win 1000 euros & a sky trip for the whole family!

During the week, host Sébastien Folin will welcome them to celebrate Christmas and the upcoming new year with laughter and joy! A get-together for the whole family thanks to this word game with a twist that’s been delighting viewers daily for more than 3 years now.

You can find out more about the show and all its questions on:

A new “Plus Belle La Vie” investigation on France 3


Watched daily by over 5 million viewers, the cult series on the daily lives of the Mistral’s inhabitants is back for a prime time edition with a storyline continuing from the daily episodes of the past few weeks, with the broadcast of QUAND LES MASQUES TOMBENT.

This Tuesday October 20th at 8:50pm on France 3, « Plus Belle la Vie » presents its 17th prime time to launch its 12th season, QUAND LES MASQUES TOMBENT, produced by Telfrance Série & Rendez-Vous Productions.

On the menu: investigations, betrayals and suspens … at the Mistral, police and inhabitants are hot on the trail of the Enchantor who’s kidnapped one of their oww in a possible deadly game of cat and mouse.

“La France passe le test” is back on TF1

PROD360/Groupe Telfrance

How good is your general knowledge? Hosts Carole Rousseau & Christophe Beaugrand invite you to test what you know by having fun “Culture générale : la France passe le test” on TF1 this Saturday August 1st in prime time for a second show.

Adapted from the successfull Dutch format “Test the Nation” (Eyeworks/groupe Warner) and once again presented by the dynamic duo of Carole Rousseau & Christophe Beaugrand, this great set quizz brings together celebrities, 6 groups of 50 random people and viewers at home.

Indeed, during the show, these 6 groups will battle it out to crown who has the “biggest general knwoledge” and maybe overturn a few popular cliches. Who will win the trophy and be the best amongst the teachers, the footballers, the petanque players, students of private schools, artisans or swimwear models?

6 celebrities with very different backgrounds and careers have also agreed to take part. As for viewers at home, they’re encouraged to train and play along via the MYTF1 application.

All will have to answer 49 astonishing questions divided into 8 different themes to test their knowledge:
– Society
– Art
– Litterature
– Entertainment
– Animals
– History
– Sports
– Geography
– Life sciences

NINA is ready for consultations on France 2


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Nina, an unconventional interning nurse, starts work from this Wednesday June 17th at 8:55pm on France 2 in the channel’s brand new medical series with heart.

It’s Nina’s first day of work as a 39 year-old interning nurse under the orders of Leo, a “kid” fifteen years younger than her with a fiery personality and of Doctor Proust who enjoys scaring her… not an easy start!
In fact, for everyone at the hospital, Nina is the boss’ wife, Costa Antonakis, her ex-husband with whom nothing is really settled despite their divorce. Yet, after having taken care of their daughter Lily for 10 years, nothing scares Nina anymore! Passionate about her job, a devoted friend, she only needs to give love and men another chance…

Nina, patients adore her and doctors hate her as can be seen in the trailer

For more information, the series’ official webpage:

NEWEN’s current ambitions on its local market


The 2015 MIPTV market that took place in Cannes in April of this year was the perfect opportunity for the different heads of the subsidiaries that make up NEWEN to present their activities and reaffirm their ambitions for the future through the following interviews.

Guillaume de Menthon, the new Group Telfrance CEO, talked about the development strategies and the future aims of the Group:

Guillaume Thouret, newly arrived at NEWEN as CEO of CAPA, also mentioned their upcoming goals:

Christian Gerin, CEO of 17 JUIN MEDIA, explained what made him join the group as NEWEN’s latest subsidiary:

Finally Christophe Nobileau, Deputy Managing Director of NEWEN , took this opportunity to present the growth factors of the Group internationaly in terms of distribution and coproduction efforts amongst other things …

CANDICE RENOIR is back on France 2!

Candice Renoir S3

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BOXEUR DE LUNE/Telfrance Group

Following 2 very successfull seasons watched by more than 5 million viewers on average, the blondest and yet smartest police commander of the French force is back on our screens for a new season.

Starting from Friday May 15th on prime time at 8:50pm on public broadcaster France 2, « Candice Renoir » will be broadcast for a 3rd season (10×52’) with 2 exclusive episodes weekly.

On the menu, new investigations for her to solve with her unique flair … the setup of a bed tells her a hidden love story, the mango flavor of discarded sweets or the menu of a chips shop reveal a crime’s motives. And in matter of the heart, she still has to deal with her 4 very overwhelming children while trying to balance her torrid new love affair as a young divorcee … but with whom?